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For any business, big or small, capturing new leads and making them sales ready is crucial. And in this age of multi-channel marketing, managing all your marketing campaigns, nurturing leads with highly personalized communication and tracking the ROI is nothing short of a challenge. Not anymore! With bpm’online marketing in place, you can do all these and more. The powerful yet intuitive platform lets you set up targeted marketing campaigns, capture leads and nurture them via relevant communication with a few clicks only.

A powerful software to manage your marketing campaigns


Build your marketing campaigns with ease

When it comes to capturing new leads, most businesses today relay on a number of channels such as emails, webinars etc. However, simply sending out a bunch of emails or organising a webinar is not enough in today’s business climate. You need to create a personalized communication that addresses the need of individual customers. That is only possible when you use a marketing campaign management system that allows setting up campaigns with pre-defined rules and personalization capabilities. This way, you can use a number of elements such as emails, landing pages, web forms, webinars etc. to create a holistic marketing campaign that generates need, brings in new visitors, converts them into interested leads and nurtures those leads to make them sales ready.


Build your target audience with precision

Success of any marketing campaign heavily depends on targeting the right set of audience. Otherwise, you simply market the right product to the wrong set of people. An efficient marketing automation system offers you the capability to segregate your lists based on a number of criteria such as areas of interest, socio-economic position, buying intent, level of engagement and much more. Moreover, you can set up negative criteria as well to avoid audience that does not fit the product or service offering. This way, you can create a highly targeted audience for each of your products or services, instead of sending random emails to people who have nothing to do with you. Not only it saves your audience from receiving e-mails that are basically spam, but also improves your conversion ratio many times over.


Track ROI with more efficiency

As a marketer, it is essential for you to understand what works for your business and what does not. However, when you are receiving leads from a number of channels and managing their journey on a spreadsheet that is scattered across desks, understanding the efficiency of each channel is pretty difficult. Here, a marketing automation system with powerful analytical capabilities is your best bet! With the system in place, you can effectively track new leads, analyse their level of engagement and track the conversion. This insight is invaluable for understanding which of your marketing channels or campaigns are generating more quality leads.

Manage your marketing campaigns more effectively with bpm’online marketing

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Capture more leads and get those sales ready with bpm’online marketing

Bpm’online marketing is a holistic marketing automation system that lets you create and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns through a robust, yet easy-to-use platform. Using the system you can easily set up personalized marketing campaigns with complex personalization rules based on the user’s actions. This way, your communications stay relevant and ensure a greater conversion opportunity. The bpm’online marketing comes with powerful automation capabilities as well, so you can put a lot of mundane tasks on auto-pilot thus saving tons of time.

Why bpm’online?

Out of the box processes for lead management

Bpm’online marketing comes with a number of out-of-the-box processes for lead management. All the processes are built to follow industry best practices and offers you super-easy implementation with a few clicks only. These processes reduce implementation time significantly. Moreover, you can edit and customize these processes with little to no coding requirements at all.

Powerful visual campaign designer

The system features a highly intuitive visual campaign designer that enables you to design complex marketing campaigns with ease. The robust campaign designer lets you add numerous elements, set automation rules and qualification criteria to ensure you can design a targeted campaign with personalized communication that captures maximum number of leads and gets those sales ready.

Seamless integration with bpm’online sales and service

Bpm’online marketing seamlessly integrates with bpm’online sales and bpm’online service. This way, you can track the entire customer journey on one platform and optimize lead conversion as well as customer retention.

Key features of bpm’online marketing