CRM programs are a powerful tool boost marketing, sales and service in your company.

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Right along the same line goes the need to contact clients and interact with the colleagues in the most efficient way. It should also be noted that work tools for time-management and task tracking require specific software apps to facilitate the particular possibilities connected with every industry. In order to support an issue free workflow you might need around 10-15 applications to run simultaneously on your PC. One can only imagine how long it takes to open all of them in the morning and shut them down in the evening. But the phenomenal developments in the IT sphere are solving that issue, thus we have more and more CRM systems that can facilitate a number of features to cover the ever-growing demand.

CRM programs cover the following needs


The CRM copes with different kind of business needs. With its help, the user is able to contact clients in any way be it a call, email or text at any stage of the workflow. And I do not mean that a contact could be made and forgotten – it must be properly logged with the results recorded. At the same time, the system should give the possibility for the colleagues to exchange messages in order to be up-to-date and allow asking for advice or fast approval of any kind of action.


Ability to change


Boost your marketing, sales and service performance with bpm’online!

All the requirements could be covered by a dozen of different applications or one adaptable and intelligently developed CRM platform. Bpm’online platform offers the following products to cover all the bases there is or could be:

Bpm’online Sales

The product developed to cover all the requirements of the market for the dynamic process of the modern sales pipeline from prospect to the loyal customer.

Starting from the 360-degree customer view where you could see all the relevant information about the prospect and all the history of his interactions. Moving to lead, opportunity, contract and product management where you can see and arrange, plan and analyze every detail of the process in order to improve and influence the outcome of sales negotiations. Convenient knowledge management to facilitate quick access to all sorts of information needed. Document flow automation to ease the most boring procedural routine and collaboration tools to give an opportunity to call, text and email clients from the system, not mentioning the convenient possibility to contact colleagues for the prompt or last minute advice. All of the above could be customized according to the preferences of every employee with the system designer in order to ensure convenient and efficient workflow.

Bpm’online Marketing

The solution for the marketing departments to gather, segment and nurture leads. The system is fully equipped to create bulk email campaigns. Gathering of the information about the prospects’ interests and wishes and possibility to personalize and target the specific demographics according to the designed campaign. Capability to customize and personalize the content of the messages, possibility to test the most efficient email content. Easy plan and arrange an event with all the details being checked and monitored by the system. Be able to create your own business process using the ready out-of-the-box practices to help with the planning and possibility to pinpoint the bottlenecks of the process and eliminate them. At the same time, work in the environment adjusted for your needs, wishes and purposes, supported by the analytical data, making sure you are on the right track.

Bpm’online Service

Unified customer database gives clear visibility of the clients’ history. Capability to get in touch with the customer in any way is convenient from the system. Request, problem, change and release management will help you keep track of all the changes and issues, helping to avoid any recurring problems. Adjustable and customizable environment for every employee to work comfortably and effectively. Synchronization with all the relevant software will save time and give even more capabilities.

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