How digital transformation will help your enterprise grow?


Everything you need to know about digitalization: what it is and how your business can benefit from it. Learn the key components of digitalization. Get to know effective tools your enterprise needs to adapt quickly to new market trends.

Enterprise digital transformation: what it is and how it works

Digital transformation — is the integration of modern technology into the enterprise business processes. Digitalization is not just about the technology: changing business processes, corporate culture, and external communications are just as vital to the success of transformational initiatives as new software and equipment implementation. Digital transformation increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction. As a result, the enterprise acquires the reputation of a progressive and modern one.

Digitalization of processes is beneficial not only for enterprises: whole industries choose this path of development as the only opportunity to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Digital transformation has taken hold of almost every industry, including manufacturing, retail, government and many others. The impact of digitalization on people and business cannot be overrated today.

Core benefits of digital transformation

Improving customer experience

Customers are the key drivers of digitalization. Every day they interact with both commercial and private enterprises that have already begun implementing digital initiatives. As far as customers see how digitalization helps accelerate and simplify business processes, digitally oriented companies become their choice vendors.

Technology digitalization ensures personalized interaction approach customers love. Digital and non-digital communication channels, artificial intelligence, and robotics surrounds us every day. For example, chatbots army is an integral part of innovative digital banking experience – bots allow customers to get answers quickly and easily. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is actively using mobile apps in their practice as well.

Customer experience encompasses a large range of interaction with both external and internal customers. Process digitalization optimizes employee performance and boosts the productivity of each team member. Automation of routine tasks provides more time for solving complex problems.

Business process flexibility and acceleration

As the saying goes: there are only two kinds of companies: the quick and the dead. In today's fast-paced world, the following statement is more relevant than ever. If an enterprise does not use modern technology capabilities or does not adapt to new business reality, it cannot compete with the companies that do this.

To be successful, you need to be quick and flexible: you have to change not just when there is an opportunity, but when there is a need. Business process digital transformation is aimed at ensuring that companies make quick decisions, adapt to new circumstances and satisfy customer needs.

Innovative opportunities for business development

Business digitalization opens new horizons to enterprise development:

  • Cloud technologies allow several teams to work on a single project simultaneously and manage resources effectively.
  • The Mobile First strategy allows for receiving and monetizing mobile traffic, which by its parameters has already caught up with traffic of stationary devices.
  • Out-of-the-box solutions reduce time spent solving problems. Out-of-the-box applications, extensions and connectors optimize the company workflow and require minimal time spent on their implementation and adaptation.

Modern technologies for data management

Information is a key resource for all enterprises. Every minute humanity generates huge amounts of digital data that not only takes up storage space, but also helps companies do business. To take advantage of all the available information, it is necessary to accumulate, structure and analyze it.

Enterprise digital transformation helps accumulate, structure and analyze large amounts of information thanks to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies aimed at processing information flows. As a result, it becomes much easier to make right decisions, tailor the offers to customer preferences as well as predict their behavior.

Partnership and cooperation

It is difficult to imagine a successful business that does not have any partners. Digitalization opens new opportunities for cooperation with other companies – and these opportunities are remarkable. Thanks to the modern technologies, territorial location is no longer an obstacle: you can conduct business and find partners all over in the world. The open API makes cooperation even simpler and more convenient. For instance, APIs have been leveraged in banking industries for years.

Without digitalization it is impossible to become the best or work with the best. Leading companies are already implementing digital transformation strategies and cooperate with those who are in line with their level of development and share their values.


Today, digitalization is more important than ever. Enterprises aimed at success and development are obliged to address the challenges of the changing world – only then they can become leaders.

Bpm'online is a powerful and flexible platform that helps companies accelerate digital transformation

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The employee who takes responsibility for digital transformation (be it CEO, CTO, CIO or other authorized person) should clearly understand why its implementation is necessary. The 451 Research company study has shown that 60% of enterprises, which decided to implement digital technologies, lack a corresponding strategy. This is a road to nowhere.

Without a clear strategy and vision in place, it is impossible to successfully carry out an enterprise digital transformation no matter the size of a company – you should understand how exactly digitalization will keep your business headed in the right direction.

It is also worth mentioning that digital transformation is a long-term project that requires systematic approach. However, even after the successful implementation of such a complex process, you should not stop: keeping your enterprise development continuous is a must. Advanced technologies and services will help you with that.

Motivated team

Modern technology development is characterized by one specific feature: with each year, software solutions are becoming more client-oriented, meaning their use becomes more simple and convenient. Bpm’online low-code platform for business process management allows users to jump start using the system while providing unlimited possibilities for application customization and configuration. With its help, users are able to customize almost everything in the system – from section structure and business logics, to system look and feel according to the corporate branding.

The motivation of employees responsible for the transformation comes to the fore. Team members should understand the purpose of any change. They must be imbued with the idea that digitalization is not an option, it is the requirement of today, and bring this idea to the staff. Only when the team is aware of the process importance, it can gain success.

Staff adaptation

The implementation of digital technologies is just the beginning. Often, business owners and those responsible for changes note that the most difficult task is to help employees adjust to a change. Since digital transformation affects each employee, it is recommended that you carry out a number of activities that will enable people learn new processes and technologies.

Usually, such events include trainings and workshops,which allow the staff to receive all the necessary skills in order to work under new conditions. It is also worth noting that modern technologies are very beneficial when it comes to adaption: UX design development makes the solution interface intuitive, while artificial intelligence helps to process data faster and make optimal decisions.

Digitalization strategy

A sound strategy, professional team and motivated employees are the elements of a complex but still incomplete puzzle called successful business transformation. Digitalization also includes a special toolkit, that ensures qualitative changes.

Bpm'online software is based on two modern concepts: Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Process automation, predictive functions, and application of agile principles is only a small part of what bpm'online offers for efficient enterprise digital transformation.


Cloud technologies, user-friendly interface, ready-made integration solutions and other advanced technologies make bpm'online products indispensable for large and medium-sized enterprises. System customization tools allow companies to be flexible and quickly change business processes according to the latest market trends. In the future, the rate of digital transformation will increase exponentially. Why not be at the forefront of those who are changing the future now?

Evaluate the benefits of bpm'online technologies

The system will help your company quickly adapt to new market trends, improve customer experience and accelerate business processes.



A powerful business process management platform

At the heart of each bpm'online product is a powerful platform that combines BPM and case management technologies. The platform allows for using pre-built processes or adding and customizing your own ones to meet enterprise needs.


Ready-made tools for CRM automation

Bpm’online is a platform with the unique synergy of business process management and case management technologies that allow companies to manage their business processes, both structured and unstructured, and create applications for any business needs. With bpm’online, companies can not only manage business processes, but also automate sales, marketing and service. A comprehensive approach allows for accelerating the digital transformation and achieving the objectives of an enterprise within the shortest time.


Intellectual tools

Bpm’online offers intelligent business technologies that help automate time-consuming operations. The system empowers people to concentrate on intellectual, creative tasks while the machines perform all the routine operations. Bpm'online ensures information search process, predicts the values of various fields, and offers useful tips. This, in turn, increases employee productivity and the quality of their decisions.


System customization

Each enterprise is a unique organism with its own needs. Bpm’online provides unlimited possibilities for system customization and configuration to meet these needs. Users can easily change the business logic of the system, customize dashboards, change platform interface and much more. Customization does not require the developer involvement – non-development staff can make changes to the system as well.


Integration with other systems and apps

Bpm'online offers opportunities for platform integration with third-party systems and applications. This include both common programs like Outlook, and industry-specific systems. Another great advantage of bpm'online is that with its help you can develop your own applications and create business processes.


Mobile technologies

Bpm'online mobile application is a comprehensive tool for managing business processes and improving customer experience. The application allows you to work from any convenient location, synchronize the activities with other team members and set user preferences. There are two modes available for the mobile application in bpm’online: “online” and “offline”.

You can select the mode in the system settings. There is native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone.



Bpm’online ensures data protection and multilevel security from unauthorized access. Easily manage access rights for users and groups. Grant or deny access to individual records or groups of records, and specify which sections are available to certain user roles. Bpm’online ensures an exceptional level of application security and stability.

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