BPM for Insurance Business

Business process management tool is a #1 solution for the insurance industry to successfully manage all business processes and deliver the excellent insurance services to customers.


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Why insurance business needs a BPM system

The insurance industry is characterized by a high rate of work and a large number of daily requests. With such a work volume, it is impossible to rely on a person only. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for an insurance business to grow without automation. The loss of data and a smaller number of customers and leads are just a couple of examples of consequences that a company may experience with the lack of efficient tools to manage the workflow.

Another feature of the insurance business is the periodicity of the client applications. Most customers apply once a year, and there is a necessity for a system that will allow for effective managing these requests with minimum human involvement and improving the quality of the service, as a consequence.

How insurance companies can benefit from a BPM system

Insurance products and services are becoming more complex and diverse, so customers need more personalized approach every day. Insurance companies should clearly understand their customers’ needs in order to find a perfect match to their requirements and offer their clients the best possible solution to the problem.


With the increased competition on the insurance market, the situation is getting worse: it is necessary to have an opportunity to pay attention to the client in extremely short terms. For example, it’s important in a timely manner to send a reminder to a client that the term of the insurance service he/she uses is expiring, with a mandatory indication of the renewal cost.


In such a case, BPM software for insurance will enable business to fine-tune a certain process that will automate the aforementioned procedure making it easier for employees and more comfortable for customers. The user can configure the system to automatically notify the customer on the expiring contract period, it will assign the agent who will be responsible for this case, and the user can configure how the system will act depending on the client’s actions.

Benefits of bpm’online insurance software

BPM for insurance industry is a vital tool, which allows for effectively managing both internal and external operations. This software helps to increase overall productivity by automating routine business activities.

Accelerate your marketing, sales, service and operations with bpm’online software for insurance business!

Bpm’online studio is an intelligent business process management and low-code platform with out-of-the-box solutions and templates. It will help take your insurance business to the brand new level of productivity and effectiveness with its powerful functionality:

Business process management

Bpm’online’s unique BPM tools enable users to automate every internal process in an organization. The system contains out-of-the-box processes that are based on industry best practices as well as allows for creating custom processes to fit unique business needs. Intuitive process designer makes business process management easy even for the users with no tech background. Robust business process management engine ensures simultaneous execution of several processes of any complexity. Moreover, users are able to monitor, control, analyze processes execution and forecast the outcomes with little to no efforts.

Case management

The powerful case management capabilities allow for managing unstructured processes, which enables organizations to bring order to even more internal processes. With the help of drag’n’drop technology, it is easy to change the sequence of process steps and stages depending on a particular situation. Users are also able to conduct a deep analytics on cases to utilize the best patterns in future.

System designer

Bpm’online platform enables to easily customize almost everything in the system. Section Wizard allows for hiding or adding specific fields, tabs or details, creating or deleting sections, making fields obligatory or non-obligatory for filling and so on. What’s more, users are also able to change the system’s business logic, for instance to customize the conditions for the section fields display as well as indicate filter values in lookup fields under specific conditions.

Core configuration

Bpm’online platform has all the functions that enable organizations to solve daily tasks. For example, the system contains tools for managing HR tasks to keep track of every employee’s career history. Bpm’online provides synchronization with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange to simplify the task management for both regular employees and their supervisors – the schedule is available right in bpm’online, releasing users from the necessity to switch between several apps. The system also provides out-of-the box functionality to communicate with customers and within the team right from the bpm’online platform. In addition, all the customer, partner, lead and competitor data is stored in the unified environment jointly with complete interaction history.