ITIL processes implementation for business growth

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What is ITIL processes?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (or ITIL) is a popular approach to IT service management. In simple words, ITIL can be described as a set of professional practices for delivering efficient IT support services. The primary goal of ITIL is to help align IT services with your company business goals and objectives.

ITIL is not just about process or technology management – it also focuses on enhancing the capabilities of processes, people, technology, etc. ITIL provides businesses with processes enabled by the effective technology. Today, more and more companies adopt ITIL to achieve their business goals faster.

It is worth mentioning that ITIL framework includes five stages that are all about enhancing service strategy, transition, operation and design. In this service lifecycle, each stage supports all the other stages. What makes ITIL so popular is the fact that it provides IT organizations with practical supervision on services and strategies for making roadmap decisions.

Why you should implement ITIL processes


Organizations of all sizes and across all industries adopt ITIL in order to improve IT capability. Adopting ITIL brings a number of valuable benefits to IT service management processes. Here is the list of advantages you will get after the ITIL implementation:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • More stable service environment
  • Improved service delivery
  • Сost reduction
  • Better use of resources
  • IT cost transparency
  • Greater management of business risk

If you are searching for an agile environment that will give your business the ability to respond to changing requirements in the shortest time, then implementation of CRM software that follows ITIL should be your top priority.

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How to select the best ITIL service management software

Nowadays, there are tons of ITIL-aligned solutions on the market. However, when it comes to selecting the one for your organization, there are things to consider. Keep in mind: the solution you are looking for should meet your unique IT and business requirements. What’s more, it should be flexible enough to make customizations and configurations without breaking.

Some organizations choose to implement the software that provides incident and change management features only. However, these are only a small part of the entire ITIL framework. As practice shows, most companies are searching for a reliable CRM offering the full spectrum of ITIL best practices.

Bpm’online service is the ideal choice for IT organizations that are searching for an intelligent service management platform aimed at accelerating service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Bpm’online service as an ITIL-aligned solution

Bpm’online service software combines the functionality of both BPM (Business Process Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technologies. The solution provides users not only with a powerful and easy to use BPM engine, but also with off-the-shelf modules the effective request, problem, and release and change management – these are vital parts that help improve your organizational structure. So, let’s delve deeper into bpm’online service functionality:

Problem management

Bpm’online service allows you to store all the problems in the infrastructure. The system not only prevents incidents from occurring but also informs customers about known errors. In addition to that, users can automatically register new problems in a matter of seconds. Another great feature is that you can define problem priority, type of service and configuration item. The solution allows users to assign agents to resolve the problem. What’s more, users can document the progress of the resolution process as well as possible workarounds. Planning your work on problem elimination through initiating changes in the infrastructure has never been easier!

Change management

With the help of the system, users can easily assign agents to resolve all the existing problems. Furthermore, users can plan their work on problem reduction through initiating changes in the infrastructure. Change management feature allows registering change requests IDs, defining categories and defining priority. Establishing connections with problems and incidents is also not a big deal thanks to bpm’online service. Now, you can store information about team assignment for change implementation and easily plan deadlines. Moreover, users can analyze both quantitative and qualitative process efficiency indicators. With bpm’online service, tracking average workload per change and identifying deviations is as simple as it can.

Release management

Release management feature allows users to track the history of releases and add any changes in order to insure success. Thanks to bpm’online service, monitoring any workload associated with a release as well as keeping track of your teams and deadlines is not a problem anymore. The solution allows for the gathering of data on all problems and changes identified in the course of implementation. Tracking the history of completed activities is also available. Do not forget about the comprehensive analytics – it helps to track releases and monitor their quality. Setup analytics by services and get statistics on successful and unsuccessful releases and problems eliminated in the course of release implementation.

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