ITIL service management for successful business growth

ITIL stands for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library - the framework developed for the UK governmental use decades ago and the one that is still in demand.

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It might be surprising, but any business owner will tell you that well-organized work is the work half-done, and that is exactly what ITIL does. It helps you to manage the workflow. Sometimes, you are using ITIL practices without even knowing that.

5 practices of ITIL service management

Service Strategy

Service Strategy is the first step for defining responsibilities and practices. This is needed to successfully integrate IT Services into the workflow processes, combining their functions and capabilities as well as developing the efficient support system.

Service Design

Service Design has increased its functionality from being a simply eye-pleasing system surrounding to ergonomical and functionally abundant feature itself. The environment is completely in tune with your system, capable to ensure the most burning need of IT services being met.

Service Transition

Service Transition turns the most complicated process into a smooth running practice with all the issues taken care of and accounted for. Service transition prevents any critical mistakes and ensures the successful passage from one process to another.

Service Operations

Service Operations are here to insure the bump-free coordination of the ongoing processes and their constant improvement. This step takes care of the issues, problems and request management maintaining the customer satisfaction and business IT confidence.

Continual Service Improvement

Continual Service Improvement is the part of each of the above-mentioned steps. In times of constant and never-ending change, the IT service could not afford to lag behind, so it needs continual guidance to introduce best practice experience to the service management, insuring its unfailing improvement cycle.

Accomplish your ITIL service management goals with the bpm’online software for low cost

Accomplish your ITIL service management needs with the bpm’online

ITIL service management practice seems easy enough, as if follows simple business logics. The only question left to answer is what platform to use in order to fulfill all the needed functionality without spending lots of money. Some solutions offer only part of functionality, while others offer more functionality then one may possibly need. When selecting ITIL-based CRM software, there are some things to consider:

ITIL service management
  • Make sure the system is flexible enough to satisfy your needs even if they change within a year;
  • Insure getting the relevant reports for the analytical purposes;
  • Automate mundane tasks;
  • Unite your teams on a single platform;
  • Keep improving your activities, cooperation between departments and communication inside and outside the company with the chosen platform.

In case you are looking for the perfect ITIL-based platform, you might be more then slightly interested in implementing bpm’online service product that is aimed at helping you determine your business priorities. The software takes into account your goals, circumstances and your business budget. Check out its functionality –bpm’online solution covers five ITIL service management practices:

  • Service catalogue

    Determines your IT infrastructure to arrange your services, despite their complexity or length, in one environment with easy access to update, improve or adjust your service to the needs of your customers.
    Design your service operation according to the needs of your client and create new operations relevant to the current season, time or situation.

    And do not forget to get the analytical data to make sure that your service operations are running at the top of their performance capabilities.

  • Business process management

    Automate the processes running through your system, making sure you have time to create new methods of delivery or a new product while the system is making the work for you.

    Ensure the most efficient use of your work time by presetting some inner processes by implementing best practices that has already been pre-built for you in the system. Structure the management of the most complex processes with Dynamic Case Management.

    Use out-of-the-box practices from the most successful companies to model your own process flow.

    Keep checking the analytics to make sure all performances are at the top level.

  • Request and Problem management

    Classify, define and manage incoming requests and problems. Automate registration process and get straight to solving the issue. Run the diagnostic for the system to determine the reason and draw the conclusion for you. Log the possible issues and the system will work on preventing recurring ones for you, letting the customer know about the potential dangers. 

  • Analytics

    Take advantage of the inbuilt analytical capabilities. Analyze every bit of the information and its correlation with the successful results. Improvement is not a single time action it is constant analysis of changing factors that system will be able to provide you with.

  • Knowledge base, synchronization and integration

    Maintain the knowledge base in order to solve easy issue cases in the easiest and most prompt manner. Import and export all kinds of data with already built-in capabilities that will make any transition an easy task instead of laborious endeavor, ensuring no piece of data was lost or corrupted. Coordinate and approve all improvements in the system keeping an eye on all the change implementation processes.

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