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Process mapping software: what it is and how it works

In a nutshell, process mapping software is a powerful solution tailored to visually describe your flow of work. Usually, the process flow is defined as the sequence and interactions of related activities that make up an individual process, from the very beginning to the very end. A process map has a number of names: it is called a flowchart, process chart, process model, workflow diagram, etc. No matter how you call it, the function of the process map remains unchanged – to show who and what is involved in a process. As a rule, process map is read from left to right or from top to bottom.

The primary goal of a process mapping software is to develop a better understanding of a process. Such software helps generate ideas for process improvement, increases communication and — of course — provides process documentation. If chosen correctly, process mapping software highlights problems and helps identify bottlenecks, delays, duplication or gaps. Also, it can be used to clarify process boundaries, process ownership and process responsibilities.

Business experts say that mapping should be the first step in designing a process or in documenting a procedure. Wondering why? The answer is simple: if you want to improve a process you must understand it first. And according to statistics, most people understand a graphical picture way better than a written procedure.

Optimize business processes of any complexity with bpm’online process mapping software

Process mapping software: what benefits it brings to business

If chosen and implemented correctly, process mapping software provides a considerable return on investment. The core reason for adopting process mapping is that companies, which perform the transformation of their processes well, manage to meet or exceed customer expectation. Here is the list of reasons why organizations implement process mapping software:

  • To document their business processes
  • To enable knowledge transfer
  • To agree and adopt consistent best practices
  • To ensure that process are compliant
  • To discover opportunities for improvement
  • To support continuous improvement

Visualize your business processes and improve business efficiency with bpm’online studio – powerful software aimed at managing and optimizing business processes

Why choose bpm’online studio

Bpm’online studio provides the unique synergy of BPM and case management technologies. With this high-end combination organizations can effectively design, execute and optimize both structured and unstructured processes. Case management capabilities in bpm’online studio give users the flexibility to easily design and manage unstructured processes of any complexity.

Using the drag-and-drop case designer you can effortlessly add and manage stages and activities – and your process is ready to go. Using the out-of-the-box elements building the case flow is fast and easy. With these handy elements users can easily set up various steps, including:

  • Approvals
  • Changing the access rights
  • Changing access rights parameters
  • Appointing an owner
  • Sending notifications to owner

All steps are easily customizable so users can effortlessly set and add parameters and have them ready to go in minutes.

Get to know more about bpm’online process management software

For more structured processes, bpm’online provides a comprehensive suite of tools to effectively manage the processes, including modeling, execution, monitoring and analysis. The system also offers a set of ready-made processes based on industry best practices to ensure the maximum efficiency.

The process designer offers a vast range of ready to use elements to get your processes up and running in just a few clicks. Another great advantage of bpm’online is that you can easily remove or add process elements and link them together to set up desired flow and reach desired business outcomes faster.

After the process has started, the user sees the list of tasks that system has set for him. When the initial task is completed, the system automatically triggers the next step that was preconfigured. Everything is super easy for both: the users who designed the process and for those who are actually guided by it during the execution.

Process designer

The process designer lets users create business process in BPMN notation. The system provides advanced tools for business process monitoring and analysis. You can view each process instance as a diagram, checking which process steps have completed and stop any business process. What’s more, the system provides analytical tools for keeping track of business processes in your company.

Case designer

Case designer allows for automating unstructured business processes. These “case” processes are best used if the case goal can be achieved in a number of ways that may change during the course of the process and cannot be foreseen. Usually, it’s used to configure case steps and their sequence. Setting up and editing case steps and stages is done in the case designer UI that consists of the toolbar, the stages panel, the working area and the element settings panel.

System designer

System designer is all about configuration tools. Here, you can create and edit sections, set up section and page properties using the section wizard. Adding new or editing existing section details via the detail wizard is as easy as it can be. Set up bpm’online visual appearance by uploading your corporate logos, change the color of the section panel, and set up workplaces for different types of users.

Bpm’online studio is the best software for creating custom solutions. It can be used to handle a large range of tasks. These tasks can be grouped into a number of functional blocks. The software provides all the needed tools for managing the organizational structure of the customer company. In addition, it provides detailed information about employees. With bpm’online studio, planning working hours, meetings and activities is easier than ever before!