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This is just a short overview of the features offered within our service management platform and you should check out individual packages for a complete list of features.


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A Service Management Platform or SMP is a solution focused on bridging the gap between various IT-related departments and customers that run into trouble with their services.

Being that most business organizations are spread out across multiple channels in an attempt to achieve an omni-channel approach, it becomes difficult to keep the customer experience pristine. By using an SMP solution, customer support teams gain instant access to all the request, queries, and tickets in one place.

What’s more, the tickets reach the appropriate customer service representatives without forcing customers to go through tedious support procedures.

By using this solution, customer service representatives become more agile and are able to provide a seamless customer experience across all channels. This way customer satisfaction remains intact, regardless of any issues that may arise and customer loyalty is improved.

Why do we need a Service Management Platform?


In IT customer experience is everything. Sure, mistakes happen, issues with services happen – no business is perfect, right? Still, what separates the top enterprises from the rest is the way they handle issues when they happen.

The traditional approach to handling support requests tends to be sluggish, includes a lot of dead ends, waiting (which is by far the most irritating aspect of it all), explaining, and so on. This can make customers reluctant to use a particular company's support service and even abandon using their services altogether.

By implementing an SMP solution, the first thing any enterprise will notice is a drop in requests to their help desk. There will be less friction and back-and-forth between both customers and support, as well as different departments within the support team.

  • The average handle time of support issues is drastically reduced by this smooth distribution of information. The less time it takes to handle individual requests, the better the customer support system.
  • First call resolution is also a big factor. If a customer needs to contact a support team more than once to handle a single issue, chances are that they are not going to be happy about that.
  • Analytics-driven workflow is also established through the use of SMP solutions. In-depth analytics enable preemptive problem resolution based on issues that have come up in the past and, through this, resolve issues before they have the opportunity to impact customers.

The final goal of SMP is to improve customer satisfaction and make the job of the support team easier. Also, it blows any other multi-channel support system out of the water when it comes to ROI and initial investment required to set it up.

What makes Bpm’online different?

Here at bpm’online we understand that there is a significant difference in the needs and goals of small enterprises with compact teams and medium-to-large businesses. This is why we have decided to create two separate offers designed for different business sizes.

Don’t worry, both of them come as out-of-the-box solutions designed to provide full-cycle service management. The difference between our Customer center and Service enterprise is that the latter offers a more robust set of features aimed to satisfy the needs of larger business organizations.

Bpm’online services were created by using the industry’s best practices as a foundation to ensure that every individual business can benefit from them. Automating services and providing an excellent customer support is the key goal of our solutions.

The multi-channel approach was created to provide customers with the option to contact support through their preferred channel. We have recognized the need of customer support teams to unify all these channels, as well as keep track of previous requests, regardless of whether they came through email, a call center, social media, or somewhere else.

A unified customer view allows customer support to create a personalized approach for each individual request while keeping in mind their previous encounters, attempted solutions, and requests.

Finally, we do understand that the amount of information that you need to handle when using this kind of software can be overwhelming. Because of this, we have ensured that the design of our interface is smooth and clean to keep visibility to a maximum. The choice of device is a big factor as well, so our solutions are available for use on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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Our feature-rich packages were designed to cover a wide range of needs our customers might have.

The 360° customer view allows our clients to create a customer database that is reliable and easy to use. The omni-channel communication approach helps businesses retain optimal communication through any and all channels, with both their team members and clients. This means that all notifications come to one place and you are immediately updated on all the latest communication.

One of the most important factors for the long-term success of every customer support team is the acquisition and sharing of knowledge. Our specialized knowledge management systems have been implemented to help teams share their experience.

We’ve also made room for the modification of our software so that users can adapt it to their particular needs. Our system designer feature allows an incredible level of user interface modification and modification of system sections access designated for different roles.

This is just a short overview of the features offered within our service management platform and you should check out individual packages for a complete list of features.

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CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, 2016.
In addition, bpm’online has been recognized as a Strong Performer
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as well as included into The Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2018.

Bpm’online has been named a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, 2017 and the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management, 2017; recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center, 2017, 2016, 2015, included into the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites, 2017 and Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service, 2018.

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bpm’online is proud to be named the winner of the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013 - the pan-European awards event for IT, ISV and Telecoms channels.

Bpm’online named a CRM Watchlist 2016 winner among the top global CRM vendors.

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