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When it comes to improving your customer retention rate, faster and better service is the Holy Grail for sure! However, ensuring quality service and shorter response time is nothing short of impossible when you are managing your service requests on a spreadsheet. This is especially true in 2018, when most businesses receive support requests or queries through multiple channels such as live chat, emails, telephone, customer service portals etc. Here, you need an intelligent customer care system that effectively centralizes all your customer requests as well as customer information and helps your support agents in resolving issues faster than ever.

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Centralize all customer requests in one place

Omichannel customer communication is a reality today. However, keeping track of all your communication channels is easier said than done. A robust customer care software streamlines all your customer requests by bringing them in one centralized platform. The system automatically captures all the requests and queries from Live chat, email, telephone, customer portals etc. and lets you view them in one platform. This way, not even one request gets lost in the ever-bulging e-mail inbox and you can resolve the issues in a time-effective manner.


Track open requests to identify and resolve bottlenecks

A great customer care system lets you track all the open requests at any given point of time. You can use this feature to track all the open requests and identify bottlenecks across various support teams. While tracking open requests on a timely basis lets you evaluate the performance of each team and third party support providers, it gives you crucial insight about which of your support teams is getting more of the queries, where you need to bring in more resources and how you can speed-up the process further.


Implement customer service portal to ensure transparency

A customer service portal empowers your customers to lodge service requests on their own with a few clicks only. Not only that, the portal integrates with your support software and lets the customer track the progress for the open ticket. Once the issue is resolved and the ticket is closed, the system automatically sends a feedback request to the concerned customer. On one hand, the customer portal enhances transparency. On the other hand, it reduces workload significantly for your support team. While they don’t have to attend calls or answer follow-up emails from a concerned customer, they also get to ask for feedback and assess the service quality automatically.

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Bpm’online service is an intelligent customer care solution that answers all your support concerns and offers you a systematic way for full-cycle service management. The powerful solution comes with a bunch of amazing features and out-of-the-box processes that are built as per industry best practices. The intuitive system is super-easy to use and offers a low-code environment. This enables you to customise the system as per your exact requirement with very little or no coding expertise at all. The entire system being hosted on-cloud, can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere via any device with an internet connection.

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