My IT Matters


About the company

My IT Matters offers a comprehensive range of Information Management and IT services designed to reduce costs, improve productivity and deliver efficiencies. We work closely with leading technology providers in assisting and guiding our clients to realise process improvements, efficiency gains and wherever possible, expense reduction. We operate on the understanding that by improving our clients business critical ‘Processes’, through the use of the right ‘Platforms (or products)’ and ensuring ‘Procurement’ is well priced we are adding value to their business and strengthening their market position.

In order to ensure our clients get nothing but the best project experience the team operates under a PRINCE2 management framework, driven by PRINCE2 Practitioners, irrespective of the size of the project. This places appropriate emphasis on outcome definition, continuous client communication and engagement to maximize on-time and on-budget performance.

Partnering with My IT Matters allows our clients to focus on running their business, not managing their IT.

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Scott Cooper


L3, 12 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point 4216