About the company

Computants is an organization that has been servicing clients in India, Hong Kong, Canada and USA since 1988. Incorporated in Canada in January 1997.

Dominic Fernandez is Principal Consultant and founder. Business Process Modeling and Data Analytics are areas that we are engaged in, as well as, enabling eCommerce websites (Shopify) . 

getting IT done is our tag-line.

Some of the Clients serviced include:

COMBINED INSURANCE, Ontario, Canada Business-development of insurance products: planning, marketing and maintaining reports in a Forms environment.

ROAD RUNNER, Virginia, U.S.A Provided Technical Support services to customers of a High-speed Internet service company. Helping them with their TCP/IP configurations, email-client settings, Internet browser issues /settings, USB/NIC driver issues for internet-connectivity.

ROYAL LEPAGE & EXIT REALTY, London, Ontario Developed and managed web sites and web-content, including Customer Relationship Management for Realtors. Involved in the industry as a Realtor.

STARTECH, London, Ontario Capturing ASCII-data from a Telephone-Call Monitoring software, import that into an Excel spreadsheet and further into an Access database - all this so that Management reports could then be generated, using Crystal Reports. Also, analyzed data that existed on the client’s SQL-Server 7.0 database and generating required reports using Crystal Reports.

LONDON HYDRO, London, Ontario Analysis, Design and Data-Security. This assignment involved the study of the existing Customer Information System (formerly developed by Sierra), Analyze requirements (modifications & additions) for its changeover to the de-regulated electricity market. Document existing stored-procedures in UML as well as pseudocoding. Also involved with the development of new Oracle-DB storedprocedures/packages and creation of new Database-tables using SQL-Navigator & PL-SQL Developer. Also involved with frontend development using PowerBuilder. Creation, Parsing and Accessing XML-schemas were other areas I was involved with.

HAMMERMAN & ASSOCIATES, Maryland, U.S.A Contracted through this company for their client in Toronto (Royal Learning Network – Royal Bank of Canada). Analyzed data that existed on the client’s Oracle 7.0 database and generated required reports using Crystal Reports 7 along with PL/SQL.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ANALYSIS, Chicago, U.S.A. My role involved meeting with business-owners' and/or officers of an organization, identify their strengths, expose any weaknesses (that impact their profitability) and determine a course of action that would help increase their profitability and growth.

MAPLE GAS, London, Ontario Business and Technical Analyst helping define the technical requirements to fulfill their objectives of "making their office-application systems” accessible through the Web. Developed web-based, database-driven application-Prototypes using MS Visual-Inter-Dev (6.0) - this included ASP, databases, VB-Script, & HTML on Windows Server

SCOTIA MORTGAGE CORPORATION (Scotia Bank) , Toronto Work involved understanding the business rules/requirements of the organizations’ Mortgage product offerings, plan for the set-up and testing of the on-line applications vis-à-vis the business and Year-2000 requirements, raise Problem-logs whenever required. Maintain and generated Test documents and reports using SAS and JCL.

NATIONAL TRUST (BNS), Stratford, Ontario Worked on a data-conversion project, UNISYS-to-IBM, using COBOL, TIPS ECL and LOUIS-II. Assignment involved generating a Project Request (PR) from a given External Design Document (EDD), develop source-code, generate a Test-plan with Test-data and submit the Project after Testing and Approval. M.O.E.E.- Govt of Ontario, Toronto Developed, tested and implemented data-maintenance and reports in a PowerBuilder 5.02, Informix and SQL-Anywhere environment.

AL’S CARTAGE, Kitchener, Ontario (July-Sep’96) Developed, tested and implemented their Overages Shortages & Damages datamaintenance module as well as 16 ad-hoc reports in a MS-SQL Server, PowerBuilder 4.0 environment.

GREEN SHIELD, Windsor - Ontario (Mar & Apr’96) Used PowerBuilder/Oracle to develop two front-end data-maintenance Modules

CHRYSLER CANADA, Windsor - Ontario (July-December ’95) North American Fleet System was a Joint Application Development (JAD) involving Chrysler’s manufacturing, financial services and their leasing subsidiaries. I used Rapid Application Development tools such as Power-Builder(4.0), Watcom SQL 4.0 / Sybase and S-Designor. I was involved in Systems’ discussions & design at JADmeetings, Data-modeling, Prototyping, Development and Instruction/Training of other team-members.

Assignments completed in India & Hong Kong

SYNTEL SOFTWARE PVT. LTD. - AIG, U.S.A. (Jun’94 – Feb’95) Re-engineering project involved the conversion of some modules existing on the Mainframe to Client/Server as well as maintenance of AIG’s existing Mainframe applications. The work involved coordinating with on-site personnel in the US through 65K satellite links wherein file and data transfers were achieved. My work involved using CICS, DB2, COBOL/II, EASYTRIEVE+, Visual Basic, Access and Crystal Reports.

JAMS INTERNATIONAL, Bombay (June - December ‘ 94) Developed a Library Management system developed in the Client-Server environment using PowerBuilder & Watcom. I was involved in the complete lifecycle of the System, i.e. SAD, Development and Implementation.

NIKITA DIAMONDS, Hong Kong (January - May ’94) Integrated System that computerized the companies’ Imports, Exports, Accounting and Inventory. Developed using Visual Basic, Access, Crystal Reports. I managed a team of four and performed duties of SAD, Development, Testing and Implementation.

COSMIC INDUSTRIES, Hong Kong (Oct’93 - May ’94) Materials Management (MATMAN) is an on-line system in a UNIX & INGRES environment. I was involved in managing a team of four and performed duties of SAD, Testing and Implementation.

SILICON CHIP TECHNOLOGY, Bombay (Oct’91 – Feb’92) Training of individuals in UNIX and INGRES. Also developed an integrated accounts & inventory (INTACT) system developed in INGRES RDBMS+4GL environment. I was involved in the complete cycle of Systems’ study & analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation.

JANUARY 1984 to OCTOBER 1993 Developed a number of systems for various clients in the Clipper / x-base environment on a turnkey basis. Systems included: Accounts (receivables, payables) with Inventory, Stores and Production planning, Cashier’s On-line, Payroll, Computerized Oil Stock Management, Warehouse Management, Shares/Bonds Reconciliation, Bank’s product data-management, Sales-order and Indenting.

CLIENTELE included
- Hindustan Lever (subsidiary of Lever Brothers, England)
- Datamatics Limited (Data-processing and management)
- ABN-Amro Bank N.V.(Dutch-bank)
- Reliance Industries (Petro-Chemicals), Ashok Industries (Chemicals)
- Premier Filters (Automotive spares), Cable Corporation (Industrial cables & joints)
- Sarita Distributors and Nik Polymers International (Marketing & Distribution)
- Economic Transport Organization (Transportation)

Contact information

Dominic Fernandez


1200 Cheapside Street, Unit 17 London, Ontario N5Y5J6 - Canada