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The Trainer’s, as we are best known by over 1000+ companies, succeeds in training and supporting the CRM products we sell. We align a company’s needs with the best fit CRM software tools while keeping the product affordable and easy to use. We have the tips and tricks that escalate the amount of time they need to be successful along with User Adoption We started over 22 years ago helping companies with this new CRM technology and have shared this knowledge with all who want to learn and use a CRM product successfully. Our goal is to have a company become self-sufficient with their CRM software by teaching them to install, configure, customize, administer and use their product from upper management to staff level.

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Joanne C. Wilson
+1 905 820 1041


3-3055 Dundas Street W Suite 102 Mississauga, ON L5L 3R8, Canada