About the company

Flexentric is a team of professionals with a uniquely combined experience: development of bpm'online CRM software in its R&D center and implementation for end user customers. We are passionate about working with customers and we are committed to delivering high value by digitalizing workflows and business processes.

We hold an expertise of successful CRM implementation in multiple business domains: e-Commerce, telecom, finance, membership organizations, real estate, retail, logistics, professional services and others.

Services provided by the company include:

  • Consultancy
  • Bpm’online implementation as CRM
  • Development of custom applications based on bpm’online platform
  • Development of integrations
  • Development of bpm’online applications
  • Customer support
  • Training

Contact information

Alex Parkhomchuk
+32 3 290 07 89


Meirbrug 1,
2000 Antwerpen,