About the company

Shetabiz is a group which has been established by experts who have been working in the field of IT and MBA for over 10 years in Iran. This group consists of experts in the fields of analysis and consult, network, software, programming as well as senior experts in business processes, and also experts working in fields related to e-commerce.

Shetabiz does its best to assist business owners and industries to opt the best option to modify their business infrastructures by using the most cutting-edge technological tools or improve and develop their infrastructures. In addition, by a thorough and meticulous study of business processes, Shetabiz offers directors of companies solutions which enables them to adopt strategies to make their internal processes and customer relationship management more effective and organized.

Our slogan is “Program, Synergy, and Leadership” which chiefly focuses on improving the quality and academic level of IT in Iran.

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Unit 12, Dorsa Bldg , Above of Parsian Bank, Mother Sq, Mirdamad,
Tehran, Iran