WTC Pescara


About the company

WTC Pescara is a member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), based in New York. It is located in the central-eastern portion of Italy and works as a one-stop trade information hub where local businesses have the opportunity to receive high-quality international services. Since its inception, WTC Pescara has organized several Business Forums, B2B Meetings and Trade Missions from and to Italy and has managed through the years several projects as a consultant especially in the sectors of food, construction, engineering and design. WTC Pescara offers a substantial number of international key contacts that ensure a very profitable cooperation. WTC Pescara implements customized strategic planning to optimize market penetration and identify the best business opportunities worldwide. World Trade Center Pescara is constantly involved in local and international professional networks to intensify internationalization initiatives. Today, thanks also to the consolidated relationship with local institutions, WTC Pescara, even though it is a private company, has established a strong bond with the public Foreign Center of Abruzzo in order to join forces becoming so more efficient and responsive towards the local business community of Abruzzo.

Contact information

Bruna Mocka
+39 085 65 404


WTC Pescara, Via Conte di Ruvo, 2, 65127 - Pescara, Italy