About the company

Our mission is to help our customers improve organization efficiency and effectiveness, and build exceptional customer service quality. We consult our customers on customer-centric vision and strategy, and the continuation of business improvement processes. We offer our customers a balanced package of process excellence services: training, coaching, performance assessment, solution design, implementation /coordination of business processes according to the academic methods based on Lean and Six Sigma, and assistance in transforming and evolving digitally. We work in partnership with "BPM Online" and provide business process consulting services by using the CRM solution to streamline the customer-facing processes and improve efficiency by using a powerful, yet simple user-oriented and process-driven platform. The CRM platform enables organizations to gain the needed agility in order to change the processes in CRM faster than ever: to align marketing, sales, and services on a single platform.

Contact information

Reda Rukiene
+3 706 112 1094


Lithuania, Europe