Advanced Processes


About the company


Advanced Processes is an experienced multiregionally in business transformation, committed to help our customers in achieving optimal performance. We assist the decision makers of middle-size enterprises to get the most out of their people, processes and products, using the least possible efforts and resources, in the most responsible way.

We are co-located in ASEAN and Eastern Europe and do strategy and operations execution, business process management and technology consulting, business analysis and solution development, change implementation and program management across the globe.


Consult for Excellence


About the company


How can you achieve excellence in business? Is this a matter of operations optimization, cost savings, human resources, finance or marketing? It is about all together. In a brilliant balance. And Consult for Excellence can help you to achieve it with.

Areas of consulting:

  • Transformations - processes analysis, re-design and software implementation;
  • Operational excellence - Performance management and capacity planning;
  • Improve Customer Service - Building Omni-Channel;
  • Knowledge based Contact Centers;
  • Marketing and Website Development

Contact information

Milena Ribarova


1407 Sofia, Bulgaria