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ALTAVI offers an enterprise-grade CPQ solution for bpm’online clients with the flexibility to handle any configurations from simple to complex.

We are a global B2B sales operations consultancy with core expertise in CPQ, and we help bridge the gap between business strategy and sales execution by interfacing the voice of buyers with core business strategy to support long-term, sustainable growth. The executive experience of our consultants drives success.

ALTAVI's capabilities are organized into two divisions, Sales Operations Consulting and Sales Enablement. Sales Operations Consulting focuses on alignment between buyers, business strategy, and Go-To-Market (GTM) efforts; Sales Enablement develops the information, content, and tools that help make the sale, such as Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Rebate and Incentive Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). ALTAVI integrates existing software with your systems, processes and people and develops proprietary solutions and middleware, such as our CPQ solution for small to mid-market companies available on the bpm’online marketplace.

Both achieve targeted objectives within Sales aligned with corporate strategy, such as:

·        Improved forecast accuracy

·        Reduced sales administration

·        Accelerated Quote-to-Cash

·        Faster Sales Process Improvement

·        Connected, consolidated activities

·        Facilitated up- and cross-selling

·        More satisfying buyer experience

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Since 2013, ALTAVI has helped companies ranging from small business up to multiple Fortune 100s elevate sales operations to support long-term, sustainable growth.

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John E. Kosar, III VP of Sales and Marketing
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3423 Piedmont Road NE Suite 270, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 USA