About the company

Introducing the first check in app made by and for event and meeting planners. Make your registration logistics totally easy and seamless, so you can put the focus on your attendees when it really matters - the moment you greet them.

Waiting in line for a business meeting? It doesn't get more unfun than that. Why start off a day-long event with a grumpy audience? We believe that a positive greeting has the power to create a positive meeting. We're optimists like that. (But you know it's true.)

LASSO40 enables you to:

LASSO40 Better greetings,better meetings.

  • Upload your attendee list
  • Quickly check in your guests
  • Easily add people onsite
  • Automate reports after the event
  • Cover compliance requirements
  • And so much more...

LASSO40 Better greetings,better meetings.

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Jim Watts
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1 Blackfield Drive, Suite 309, Tiburon, CA 94920