MWS Group


About the company

MWS Group has extensive experience with CRM, marketing platforms and field / customer service solutions, having been VARs for multiple software vendors over the last 12 years.

Our systems and business process analysis expertise has been earned over years of working with companies to identify, customize and implement the right SaaS solutions. 

Our distinctive competencies are in these industry verticals:  project management, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and logistics.  However, we are experienced across many additional industries as well.

From startups to SMBs of all sizes, we provide full sales, custom configuration and ongoing tech support for all our clients, on the SaaS software solution that is right for them. 

MWS Group is proud to add to its lineup of flagship offerings, bpm’online.  It is popular with our most discerning client companies, which seek a powerful platform of tightly integrated CRM applications leveraged by the power of a truly unique BPM engine.

Contact information

Carol Hamel-White, President
+1 207 606 2072


250 York Street
Suite 3C
York, ME 03909