About the company

OpenSurge is a specialized consultancy group dedicated to solving the unique strategic, management and systems problems of the small and midsize business (SMB). We’ve been there during business startups, at the public multi-national doing business process improvements and all the places in between. And yes we’ve reengineered, TQM’d, LEAN’d and all the other fancy catch phrases. But that’s not what the SMB client wants, you want solutions - not slogans, that make your business more competitive, more efficient and give you the edge to grow your business. We know IT and love blending technology into business solutions – anything from spreadsheets, or hosted database solutions to best in class xTuple open source ERP.

Contact information

Atlanta: (404)682-2839
Greenville: (864)918-9169
Ontario:(647) 725-3888


Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC and Toronto, Ontario Canada