About the company

Founded in 2016 on the basis of helping others achieve more, StalwartMC is a management consulting and advisory services firm based in Houston, Texas. We began with the premise that every client, partner and colleague thrives in an environment which aims to foster collaboration, transparency and creative thinking.

Simply put, by building an organization around teamwork and innovation … we all win. Our commitment and our mission is to provide common-sense solutions to enable our clients to realize their full potential.

StalwartMC has experience serving clients all across North America. Our clients embody our Core Values and remain focused on improving the lives of their customers.

We believe that stewardship is vital to our mission of helping others achieve more. For us, this starts right here at home in Houston, Texas. We remain steadfast in supporting the causes that are both important to our people and our clients.

We focus on two main consulting areas: Management Consulting (Business Strategy) and Technology. Through these two initiatives, StalwartMC helps clients find business solutions to increase agility, develop talent and leadership, and become a disruptor in the industry. Additionally, our technology practice specializes in custom application development, application evaluation and selection, and delivery services.

We are excited to be a partner of bpm’online and look forward to the future!

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Ben Armenta


2101 CityWest Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77494