About the company

At Techosystems we specialize in bringing people processes and technology together in an evolving process of effective information exchange to streamline and improve business results.

Our drive is to deliver positive business results by exposing the right information at the right time to make great business decisions. We do that by making sure users have easy access to the information they need when and where they need it and the simple easy to use interfaces that capture the information the business needs to succeed.

With 15+ Years of CRM experience and 20+ Years of integration and automation experience, we have implemented 100+ systems of all shapes and sizes. We use that experience to provide best practices for success and make sure you avoid the mistakes that can cause CRM systems to fail or not used.

Contact information

Brian Segers
+1 (888) 789-9243


6520 Lonetree Blvd. #1001
Rocklin, CA 95765