Bpm'online Deployment Options

Choose the best deployment option for bpm'online solutions:

  • Cloud - use the system installed on the server of the certified provider.
  • On-Site - access the system hosted on the client's in-house servers.

Why bpm'online CRM?

Deployment Options

All products that are built on the bpm'online platform are available in both Cloud (SaaS) and On-Site models.

Depending on the company’s policy you can choose one of the following deployment options:

Cloud (SaaS)

user access via web interface to the system hosted on the servers of the certified service provider*.

Benefits of cloud
  • No costs for deployment, administration or security of the information systems.
  • Top-level data protection – servers are placed in the professional datacenter that guarantees data protection from an unauthorized access.*
  • Reduced initial outlays and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Top-level availability and reliability – databases, backups, hard drives and servers have their duplicates.

using the application hosted on the in-house servers of the company (user access via web interface).

Benefits of on-site
  • On-site subscription includes technical maintenance and updates to new versions
  • More flexibility for customization
  • More flexibility, independence from the service provider
  • Simplified integration with the non web-based software

* Highly reliable datacenters provide access to bpm'online CRM round the clock.

The subscription for bpm'online CRM in the cloud (using the application hosted on the servers of the certified data center) or on-site (using the application hosted on the servers of the client) includes:

  • Usage of the application.
  • Updates to all new versions .
  • Technical support.