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Comprehensive Agent Desktop

Bpm'online agent desktop puts all the necessary tools and functions right at the fingertips of the contact center staff. Working in special all-in-one interface agents get a consolidated view of all the information they need. Clean and intuitive the interface allows to simplify and streamline operations due to decreased number of unnecessary screens, and reduced complexity of fields and buttons. Bpm'online’s smart contextual interface displays only relevant functions and information which enhances the quality of agent’s interaction with the client and improves customer experience.

Outbound Campaigns

Gain greater control over your outbound calls by employing flexible mechanisms for data management, filtration and call prioritization. Bpm'online agent desktop makes it easier to intelligently assign different teams and agents for each campaign, or reallocate agents depending on project status. Due to the comprehensive business process management engine the system navigates agents through process steps to minimize errors and automate routine operations. Get a 360 degree view of your campaign targets and ongoing results with Bpm'online agent desktop.

Inbound Case Management

Bpm'online agent desktop offers flexible mechanisms for caller identification and choosing the best service scenario. Use incoming emails, calls and other data streams to register customer requests both manually and automatically. The comprehensive knowledge base with information on your products and services, answers to frequently asked questions, and marketing collaterals will help agents to provide a more personalized approach and better serve customers. Use bpm'online process designer to define specific business processes in order to resolve cases more efficiently and ensure the lowest possible cost of operations.

Business Process Management

The core of our solution is Business process management engine. With this set of pre-defined business processes you will be able to manage outgoing and incoming campaigns. The business logic is defined by processes which can be changed when needed. Implementing a new process is as simple as modifying of a pre-set one – you simply draw a process diagram and save it - system treats all processes the same.

Customer Data Management

Get a multidimensional view of your customers, partners, vendors, and competitors. With bpm'online agent desktop you can find any piece of data in a matter of seconds. A complete history of face-to-face meetings, mailings, calls and customer requests is at your fingertips. The system has outstanding performance in processing of huge data volumes, you can rapidly sift the data by any criteria. Bpm'online agent desktop built-in tools allow importing data from MS Excel or synchronizing with Google Contacts. Tight integration with social networks enables you to manage customer relationships using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Supervisor Workspace

Bpm'online agent desktop allows call center supervisors to monitor and organize calls, customers and agents, keeping the full control of daily operations. It provides managers with real-time analytics and full control over operations and helps analyze agents’ performance and processes efficiency.

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