Listing database

Use bpm’online real estate to manage all listings. The application has flexible wizard to adjust and track all needed listing details. Multi-currency support enables you to indicate the price of the listing in any preferred currency.

Listing gallery


Share photos and plans of the listed properties. Upload listing photos, manage their order, open images in a full screen mode, edit and delete images in the listing gallery.

Maps integration

Built-in OpenStreetMap enables to display listed property location right in bpm’online real estate. Map listings, edit their locations by simply dragging the tag from one point to another.

Listing matching

Easily match customer requests with available listings. Use smart search and advanced filtering capabilities to check availability and find requested property within a matter of seconds. Selected listings can be instantly viewed on the map.

Request matching

Close more deals by easily matching available listings with registered customer requests. Use quick search and advanced filtering tools, and the system will display a list of requests that match your listing description.

Showings calendar

Accelerate the sales process - plan showings directly from the listings page, and they will automatically be added to your calendar. Use bpm’online real estate to generate listing flyers which include listing price, description, features, photos and agent contact details.

MLS integration


Pull in available listings from the market to bpm’online real estate by using MLS connector. This allows you to import relevant MLS data and photos to extend your capabilities in connecting home buyer and seller.

Analytics on listings

Work with the most up-to-date information. Use dashboards with charts, diagrams and lists to analyze data on active and new listings, their type and quantity.