Property database

Import data from multiple sources to create a unified property database in bpm’online real estate. The system provides instant access to any property information you need, including addresses and an interactive map showing the locations, descriptions, parameters, plans, images and documents.

Property gallery

Create a comprehensive property gallery in bpm'online real estate - upload property images, manage their order, open images in a full screen mode, edit and delete images in the gallery.

Maps integration


Browse property locations using the built-in OpenStreetMap. In bpm’online real estate, you can easily add new properties to the map. Drag and drop the tag from one place to another to edit the location on the map.

Database of related contacts

Keep track of the respective contacts connected with properties including landlords, tenants, and property managers and store all required information about them.

Property history

Access detailed information on each property - track a complete history of working with properties, linked documents, price history, etc.