Fast-paced Online CRM Training

The bpm'online training center conducts online training courses to show how BPM and CRM work together for businesses by sharing actual case studies and explaining implementation methodology.

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Every one of the following online CRM trainings is nothing more than a concise suite of actionable practices to accelerate the adoption of the bpm'online CRM solution. To facilitate the learning process the program is enhanced with the practical tasks, real-time examples and useful tips.

Bpm'online CRM Features

The CRM training course provides attendees with information about the solution features. We keep training time perfectly balanced and pay proper attention to both theoretical issues and practical lessons.

Training length – 3 days.

Bpm'online CRM Implementation

The training is an intensive examination of the CRM implementation process. Attendees follow all project stages in detail. They are taught how to organize a project to produce intended results.

Training length – 2 days.

Bpm'online CRM Customization

The training is a ‘One-stop’ shop for your administrators and implementation leaders, because it focuses on all dimensions of the process. The training is a great opportunity to examine the platform backward and forward.

Training length – 4 days.

Process Design and Implementation for Business Analysts

During the business process management (BPM) training attendees will participate in small process design and implementation project. In order to make the BPM project closer to reality, participants will work in the bpm'online process design tool thus they will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. After the training you will not be left to your own devices – we help you apply your new skills to your business in the most effective way.

Training length – 1 day.