bpm’online studio pricing

bpm'online studio

Intelligent platform for business processes management

The system is available in two deployment options – cloud and on-site


per user / month*

Cloud / On-site


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The pricing of bpm’online studio is indicated for monthly use of the software (including technical maintenance and updates to new versions).


Displayed pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) prescribed by law.


The product requires an annual contract.

4. An annual subscription assumes the period of 360 calendar days.
5. The minimum annual purchase volume per customer is either 5 seats of bpm’online products or at least $1,500 spent for bpm’online software and services.

6. The cost of bpm’online studio implementation is calculated separately.

Service Cost
Data storage

Data volume that is stored in bpm’online.

1GB of storage for each license is already included in the subscription cost. Cost of additional 1GB of storage space is $13 per year.
Database backups

File that the client can independently download via ftp. Data is updated every day.

The service cost is $800 and extra storage is paid additionally.

Website copy that is used for development and changes testing in the system. The copy is delivered upon request.

When purchasing 20+ seats1 copy for 2 users is provided free of charge.
When purchasing less than 20 seats or if additional user is added, the Sandbox price equals to the price of 1 seat of the product.
On-site development

Testing and development of the system updates on the company’s own server.

When purchasing 20+ seats, 2 development seats are provided free of charge.
When purchasing less than 20 seats or if additional development seat is needed, the development seat price equals to the price of 1 license of the product.
Deployment on a dedicated server

The ability to deploy a system on a dedicated server, where other companies’ systems are not hosted. It enables a more flexible OS and PC configuration on the app servers and DBMS.

The cost of service is calculated separately in accordance with required resources.