Gaining competitive advantage in the investment field with bpm’online

September 19, 2019
 • by 
Yaryna Kobryn

Migdal Capital Markets, a prestigious investment management services company, offers multidisciplinary expertise in investment banking, asset management, mutual funds, and alternative investments. Since its foundation in 1965, the company nurtures professionalism, personalized customer service, and a responsible investment approach. As a leader in the industry, the company is devoted to providing exceptional service to a wide range of customers: representatives of leading businesses, regional councils, public institutions or municipalities.

Positioning itself as a company providing full transparency to its customers, as well as being subjected to industry regulations requiring the company to keep customer data on-site, Migdal Capital Markets had to ensure utmost visibility of customer data and effective customer data management. To maintain a competitive edge, the company also needed a tool to effortlessly design its own business processes to efficiently manage customer requests and cases.

Providing custom solutions and powerful CRM and BPM tools, bpm’online fulfilled all of the company’s requirements. With the implementation of bpm’online completed in only 5 months, Migdal Capital Markets created over 30 service-related operations, optimized a range of sales processes, automated document workflow, and ensured effective customer communications.

Bpm’online implementation was carried out by Proceed, a leading Israeli consulting and integration company. With over ten years’ experience in providing successful integration of high-end technological solutions, Proceed utilizes its vast knowledge of CRM practices to ensure smooth, prompt and successful implementation projects.

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