THE MISSION of bpm’online

is to help companiesACCELERATE


Bpm'online is a global software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM.

The company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Its intelligent platform accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners worldwide.

The world is accelerating.
To thrive amidst continuous innovation
and disruption, businesses need to adapt
and transform faster.
This is why we created bpm'online.
To help companies ACCELERATE!

Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner


Bpm’online has been widely recognized by key industry analysts, receiving multiple awards



Organizations need systems that help align data, processes,
and teams enabling them to better connect with digital native
customers and rapidly adapt.

The mission of bpm’online is to help companieS



The partner-driven strategy of our company provides maximum benefits to our partners, fostering business development with bpm’online and, in turn, satisfied clients. Our powerful solution combined with high partner margins provide tremendous opportunities for mutual exponential growth.

We are proud to partner with bpm’online for its flexible, easily customizable BPM platform on which marketing, sales and service are linked.

In this way, bpm’online is truly helping companies accelerate growth!

Partnering with bpm’online enables us to supply our customers with technology that helps them adapt to market changes and disrupt their industries.

That is the real power of bpm’online!

A partnership is always based on trust. At Sopra Steria, we trust bpm’online’s product and service to accelerate our clients business transformations with its profound technological platform.
Collaborating with bpm’online means experts are talking to experts.

Thousands of organizations worldwide leverage bpm’online’s intelligent platform to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations


Thousands of companies worldwide trust bpm’online

One of the most delightful aspects of our job is the daily ability to help large and midsize enterprises all over the world accelerate their business transformation. Our powerful product, agile onboarding strategies and particular focus on rapidly delivering business outcomes are the core pillars of our customer success approach.  

Before implementing bpm'online, our field sales operations were bogged down by paperwork and decades-old practices.

Bpm'online allowed us to streamline our sales cycle training and team communication in a matter of weeks.  

Bpm’online has been critical in our transformation to become digitalized.

What used to take weeks can now be done in a couple of days, like personalizing omnichannel communications in a few clicks.

As the fastest growing airline in the region, we need technology that supports our strategy of constant acceleration.

Bpm’online helps us transform and grow rapidly, servicing our customers at jet speed!

Thanks to its flexible platform, bpm’online has provided Namu the ability to adapt processes as business needs develop. If I get a request from the executive team asking for a change in processes immediately, I can do it in 10 min without disrupting the day to day functions of the employees.

We believe accurate data should be at the heart of strategic decision making.

Bpm’online provided us with sales and service on a single platform, cultivating full data integrity and oversight to better serve our clients.


Agile platform for business process automation & CRM


Intelligent business process management and low-code platform with out-of-the-box solutions and templates


Multichannel marketing platform to orchestrate customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue


Sales automation software to accelerate the complete sales cycle — from lead to repeat sales


Intelligent service management platform to accelerate service delivery and customer delight

Business Apps

Pre-built templates, components and solutions to accelerate implementation and customization