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Comprehensive full-fledge applications to accelerate marketing, sales and service that can be deployed as standalone products, or as a bundle on a single CRM platform

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Multichannel marketing software to orchestrate customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue.

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Sales automation software to accelerate the complete sales cycle — from lead to repeat sales.

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Intelligent service management software to accelerate service delivery and customer delight.

Benefits of the bpm’online CRM

Gain the agility to change processes in the CRM faster than ever

Thanks to the low-coding technologies, bpm’online intelligent platform enables users to easily build and change business processes without deep technical skills.

Bpm’online offers the agility to easily and rapidly modify existing applications and processes to keep pace with the new business environment.

Align marketing, sales and service on a single CRM platform

Three comprehensive full-fledge applications presented by bpm’online allow to manage a complete customer journey, empowering companies with out-of-the-box solutions, templates and best practice tools to align all the stages of marketing, sales and service on a single platform.

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