What is BPMS?

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How to manage business processes using BPMS

Frequent changes in business processes, which require a more rapid and effective response, are common for markets with a high competitive environment (finance, insurance, telecommunications). There are many different approaches and software solutions that allow you to adjust the processes in accordance with dynamically changing business conditions. However, today businesses more often turn to a fundamentally new class of systems – Business Process Management System / Solution (BPMS). These business process management systems apply a process-driven approach to the company management allowing you to automate end-to-end business processes and quickly change them in case of necessity.

BPM as part of the management methodology

Generally, BPM software are just a tool for the execution of a new management methodology, called BPM (Business Process Management), its technological part.

In the context of management philosophy, BPM is a combination of ideology and software for business process management. This approach to management first appeared in 2000 and replaced popular business processes re-engineering, which was too complicated and consisted in a fundamental rethinking and radical reconstruction of processes. In a deeper understanding, BPM encourages to move away from a functional approach in company management to its interpretation as a collection of business processes. Unlike reengineering, BPM means continuous improvement of business processes, and its concept is based on the principle of close interaction within the team, with hardware and other systems.

The key advantage of BPMS is that its users have the opportunity to actively participate in the improvement of business processes through simple and intuitive tools. Systems of this class do not compete and are not an alternative to other accounting systems, but on the contrary – they combine them in a single unified management environment.

In other words, BPM software is an integrated set of tools for business processes modeling, automation of their execution and performance measurement.

All these benefits are possible due to the three components: the means of processes building, their execution (platform) and monitoring (process log).

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Evaluating all the benefits of business processes modeling in the BPM system

Building processes in BPM software is based on BPMN 2.0 notation – the most modern and complete language for business processes modeling among the existing ones. The notation is flexible to promptly change business processes and is simple enough for non-professionals to model them.

Modeling processes in business process management system

To build processes in the bpm'online system, the user just needs such a tool as a process designer. The conventions used by the designer for business process modeling are presented in the form of flowcharts and diagrams, which makes the procedure understandable due to the transparency. A set of rules and elements, which are used for process modeling, makes it flexible. The indisputable advantage of modeling the company's business processes in BPM systems is that these processes are not simply documented, but are performed. This allows you to pre-test them and correct the weak points before starting the process.

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