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Advantages of business process management software

Opportunity tracking

Manage all opportunities in bpm’online sales using the out-of-the-box business process. Define tactics for each opportunity, identify key decision makers, track competitors, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Generate sales forecasts taking into account client’s budget, opportunity stage and probability.

business process management software: Opportunity tracking

Project management

Leverage bpm’online sales to efficiently manage both internal and external projects. Set project deadlines, manage costs, assign tasks to owners or teams. Manage planned and actual workload, time and cost to calculate efficiency of projects. The system helps to identify the project cost overruns, as well as reminds you of the upcoming deadlines.

business process management software: Project management

Trigger emails

Maintain a constant dialogue with your prospects and gradually nurture them. Set up trigger emails based on lead behavior on a website or other events, for example, a birthday, registration on a website, product comparison, abandoned shopping carts. Segment audiences by various criteria using smart filtering capabilities in bpm’online marketing and build up your communications with prospects that haven’t made any purchases for a while.

business process management software: Trigger emails
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