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Company CRM app is a vital tool for business management. The right CRM platform is a perfect solution to track company's leads, customers' intersections and marketing campaign's success. Customer relationship management app of any company is a unique platform which has all possible as well as necessary features and integrations to run any business successfully.

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What do companies that use customer relationship management get?

Usage of a CRM platform is really beneficial for any company. It helps any business to get the detailed information on every customer and as a result deliver an excellent customer service. Moreover, CRM system is usually cloud-based and can be accessed from any place of the world. Customer relationship management tool allows to automate many tasks and get detailed reports of fails and success.

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Customer database analytics

  • Analyze the structure of your customer database adjusting and setting new and different parameters while consistently tracking all new leads.
  • Using analytics tools, you can also evaluate the overall coverage of existing and potential customers within the database.

Document database

  • Easily manage documents using bpm’online sales.
  • Track documents in the system, specify their type and link them to customers, opportunities, orders, etc.
  • A simple interface along with built-in tools for elements search and validation will help to quickly build a process model in BPMN as well as fine-tune it based on process execution analytics.
  • Attach scans and copies of documents, create new documents using the pre-set templates and populate them with data from the system.
  • Save the history of approvals and chronology of activities for each document.

Service Desk organizational structure

  • Take advantage of the best practice model for the Service Desk organizational structure in bpm’online service enterprise.
  • You can easily manage roles, define functions and authorities.
  • Use pre-configured workplaces to improve agents’ productivity and facilitate their daily activities.
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