Retail Store Management

Bpm’online CRM offers a robust retail management solutions with comprehensive capabilities to automate your retail loyalty programs of any complexity and run marketing campaigns in order to create long-term relations with your customers.

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What possibilities does retail store management app provide?

With bpm’online’s store management app, a businessman can gain a single view of customers across channels and their purchase history. It is a perfect solution for managing rewards cards and processing rules, develop marketing campaigns, and analyze marketing activities efficiency.

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Efficient customer data management

  • Capturing robust customer data, such as purchase histories, profiles, wish lists, loyalty program information
  • Check lead profile accuracy and search for duplicate leads.
  • Tracking and analyzing customer interests and buying behavior
  • Efficient customer segmentation

Coordinated loyalty and reward programs

  • Managing reward mechanics: creating processing rules (accruals and withdrawals) for different types of reward campaigns, capabilities to apply reward rules to specific products and customer segments
  • Running collaboration programs for different brands
  • Managing various types of loyalty / reward campaigns: spend programs, point programs, discount programs, coupons, tiered, gift programs, etc

Excellent service

  • Automating end-to-end business processes to deliver a seamless customer experience
  • Contact center automation
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