Sales automation software: what it is and how it works

Bpm’online sales is a powerful sales automation software that enables total control over the complete customer journey - from lead generation to loyal repeat sales.


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Sales automation software is a tool designed to automate the processes in the sales, from order processing to post sales. In simple words, automation means removing or minimizing manual tasks, which tend to waste a lot of time and resources that your employees could better use in their selling.

When it comes to choosing the best sales automation software, customer relationship management (CRM) software is the first thing that comes to mind. Usually, business owners implement such a software to collect data from customer touch points, or encounters where customers give information. Powerful CRM lets users search for a customer’s account and discover their contact details, including purchase history and previous interactions with customer representatives. This information lets businesses make important decisions and build strong customer relationships.

According to statistics, a CRM can improve overall productivity by 30%. No matter whether you are the owner of a medium or large business, implementing a CRM software should be your top priority. Adopting the right CRM is the best way to increase your sales efficiency. What’s more, if chosen correctly, the system will help you close more deals and improve forecast accuracy.

Sales automation software: four main benefits to your business

When it comes to CRM, there is actually no secret formula. The system manages most of your critical customer information so that you can look at it all in one place. With its help, you can easily view contact information, manage tasks, follow up via email or social media, and track your business performance. However, CRM software can be used for much more than just managing customer relationships.

When implemented and used correctly, CRM system can make your business more efficient, more profitable, and eventually more successful. It can significantly increase your sales! Check out more benefits of implementing sales automation software below:


Share valuable information across your sales team

Entering all relevant information on your CRM and sharing it across the team means that everyone can be up to speed with the progress of your prospecting. Sales automation software can be used to keep record of contact data, including addresses, with the ability to see them on the map. In addition, the tool allows for tracking connections between accounts and the relationships in company structures, seeing a list of activities they are involved in and the entire history of interactions. As a result, sales can be completed faster.


Monitor the sales cycle

Keeping an eye on the sales cycle is important for maintaining relationships. Also, it is a powerful way to increase sales growth. If you find that your current close rate is not what you have been expecting, then adapting a smart monitoring system may help you to increase your sales. Furthermore, your sales automation software can be used to track each stage of the sales process, reminding you of what needs to be done next – a great way to improve sales going forward.


Prioritize important requests

One of the key benefits of CRM is task management. Most sales experts consider prioritizing as one of the best ways to remain on top of the most important actions that come your way. If you efficiently manage customer accounts, managing up-sells and cross-sells becomes much easier. Your CRM can automatically prioritize and notify you of any immediate actions that need to be taken, so that you can continue to maintain and develop trusted relationships with customers. This, in turn, increases your sales growth.


Capture leads

Capturing leads from your CRM is one of the easiest ways to increase sales growth. Your CRM software can be tailored specifically to your needs. The system will notify you when and where someone has entered your site, giving you all the information you need to approach the prospect. However, response time is a delicate thing. Approach too soon and you will not have reached peak engagement time. Wait too long and you will have lost all interest. Therefore, you better pick your moment and run with it.

Bpm’online provides endless sales capabilities to beat the market. Take your company to the next level with bpm’online sales!

Bpm’online sales: the best sales automation software

Bpm’online sales is sales automation software to accelerate the complete sales cycle — from lead to repeat sales. The software includes referenced processes that serve as best practices for lead management, opportunity management, quote management, order and invoice management.

Single contact database gives you an easy access to your prospects and all their information. The recorded history of interactions will show you who has contacted the potential client before as well as what was offered to them. Be sure to segment clients according to their needs. Try to find the most relevant correlation factor for you. In addition, sales forecasting tools let users plan sales volumes by accounts, managers or industries. Comparing indicators across periods and applying smart filtering is also available – users can get the information they need within a few clicks.

Take advantage of opportunity tracking. With bpm’online software, you can turn leads into opportunity using the process you developed or the one available to you from industry practices that are already in the system. With all the history available to you qualify it and assign the most fitting team-members to make the presentation or submit the proposal. The system’s analytics will help you define successful sales tactics and guide you through the contracting stage.

Bpm’online sales ensures you are having the contact with correct data. Working only with sales-ready leads, system will help you find new leads much faster. In addition, the system lets you manage the logistics of the field force beforehand leveraging the available data. This will help you create the best route. Single window for order processing will make your management of orders and invoices much easier by providing you with ready-to use templates. Group orders according to different parameters. Check the history and the approval in just a few clicks applying the customized approval scheme.

Bpm’online sales editions: check out each option

Bpm’online sales comes in three different editions: team, commerce and enterprise. Unique features added with each edition. Choose the one that fits your business needs best.

bpm’online sales team

Team package is the ideal option for small and medium business with direct sales strategy. This product provides ready-made processes for opportunity management so that users can define tactics for each opportunity and identify key decision makers. Tracking competitors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses is easier than ever before.

bpm’online sales commerce

Commerce package is the best choice for e-commerce businesses. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools for short sales cycle, the edition allows for maintaining product catalogue hierarchy based on the structure of your product portfolio. Furthermore, it lets you group products based on custom or pre-defined product attributes, be it brand or product category.

bpm’online sales enterprise

Enterprise package is the optimal choice for medium and large enterprises. The edition is tailored to manage multiple sales channels, including field force, e-commerce, wholesale distribution and POS. Its other features include sales forecasting, contract management, opportunity management, product catalogue management and many others.

Another great advantage of bpm’online sales is that the software can be applied to manage both internal and external projects. The solution allows for setting project deadlines, managing costs as well as assigning tasks to owners or teams. Moreover, bpm’online sales reminds users of the upcoming deadlines and helps to identify the project cost overruns.

Another great advantage of bpm’online sales is that the software can be applied to manage both internal and external projects. The solution allows for setting project deadlines, managing costs as well as assigning tasks to owners or teams. Moreover, bpm’online sales reminds users of the upcoming deadlines and helps to identify the project cost overruns.