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Visual process management software is a cutting-edge tool for aspiring contemporary businesses built to save time and energy, while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of a team. With it, you’ll be able to develop and design a variety of processes that will move your business forward.

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Visual Process Management designer

Automate key business processes using a powerful yet simple visual process designer. You can easily model processes in BPMN using preconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.

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Advantages of Visual Process Management

Inbuilt Tools

What matters most to your clients is the effectiveness of your delivery and its quality. Thanks to this platform, you’ll be able to make the clock move slower.

Visual process management software offers built-in tools and instruments that will enable you to increase your efficiency. Primarily, you’ll have options to design business processes using drafts. Beside this, you’ll also be able to use buttons for making calls, accessing email inboxes, and completing various tasks.

Low-Cost Changes

An important feature about a quality piece of software is that it’s easily applicable to any business, and that any team can use it without difficulties.

Visual process management software will enable you to make changes in your business model, integrate processes to its platform, and visualize them. However, that won’t take too much of your time, your team won’t have to go through a demanding learning curve, and they won’t be pricey.

As a business, you’ll be able to go through the whole transition process smoothly, without feeling any bumps on the road.

Efficiency Enhancement

Once you integrate the processes of your business with visual process management software, your employees will have more room to breathe.

The fact is every business comes with risks, but once you start using this platform, the possibilities for unforeseen occurrences like glitches and mistakes will significantly decrease. So, your team will feel a great relief because the majority of the administrative responsibility will fall on a powerful tool that doesn’t make mistakes.

Process Transparency

Risks, glitches, and mistakes occur within a business model as a result of a lack of precision in data calculations.

Bpm’online offers a platform that will enable a company to completely visualize each and every activity that takes place in their office. With this insight, your team will achieve clarity. Once you reach that level of transparency, your team will be able to interpret every piece of information with ease.

On the other hand, you’ll also feel benefits in terms of compliance. Once you implement visual process management software, you’ll turn compliance into a transparent, simple matter. By doing so, you’ll be able to fast forward many different activities and thus speed up the work of your team.

Automation of Administration

Speed is a highly desired feature in a business; in order to keep your customers satisfied, your service or product delivery needs to be quick.

In order to achieve this time advantage, visual process management offers you the option to automate administrative processes. Whenever there’s a pattern like document approval, or a repetitive order process for example, you can automate by using the tools within the platform.

Features for automation will enable you to build a self-operating mechanism. Without that extensive list of activities, your unburdened team can focus on creative tasks.

Changeable and Adoptable

A quality office tool must be able to roll with the punches. Considering the fact that the contemporary business world is changing rapidly – the appearance of different new policies and trends suddenly changes the macro environment – an aspiring company requires a tool that can adapt to changes.

Visual process management software from bpm’online is actually a designer platform. As such, it provides you with the instruments to upgrade any kind of process, visualize it, and replace it if necessary.

Therefore, we offer a platform that can withstand the ravages of time, even though the conditions are often unpredictable and harsh.

Ease of Management

This handy piece of software will enable you to gain full control over your team. Tracking each employee individually, and monitoring their work might have been challenging so far, but this platform is a game changer.

Thanks to its features, bpm’online visual process management software will empower your business with key tools for achieving data transparency, and design and process visualization. With a base this strong and solid, you won’t have any problems with delegating and completing tasks on time.

Focus on Customers

Like we’ve stated previously, the mechanization of business processes will unburden your team. Not only will it reduce the risk factor and thus lower the collective stress level in your office, but this platform will also provide your team with time, energy, and room for creativity.

With this newfound agility, your employees can direct their focus to your existing circle of customers, the needs of your target audience, and the changes in the market.

The main goal is business expansion, which is exactly what your team will be able to accomplish if you equip your office with this useful piece of software.

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