CRM buyer’s guide

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Studies show that 70% of high-performing companies are using a business process management platform to handle their processes. However, when one looks more closely it becomes apparent that 43% of companies do not use their CRM potential to its max. Download this guide to learn how to choose a CRM system that perfectly fits your organization.
Establishing a collaborative environment between marketing and sales teams is imperative, as companies with aligned departments enjoyed 38% higher sales win rates. Additional research reveals when marketing and sales are coordinated, companies become 67% better at closing deals. Download our practical eBook and explore the best tips for aligning your marketing and sales teams in order to achieve sustainable business growth.
As technology moves from the back-office to the front-line, the scope of tasks for customer support is expanding bringing numerous challenges to customer service pros. That is why forward-thinking companies adopt a knowledge-centered approach to add value to their customer service offerings by leveraging the shared knowledge at their organization. Download this practical eBook and explore why KCS can be a better fit for agile businesses than traditional methods of knowledge management.
Lead scoring is an integral part of lead management. By tracking your prospects' online behavior and web activity, you can determine their level of interest in you in addition to your interest in them. The latest studies reveal that 32% of modern marketers believe that lead quality is more important that lead quantity. Download our eBook and learn how to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns, create more quality leads and increase conversion rate through intelligent lead scoring.

The success of your business heavily depends on the coordinated operations of your marketing and sales teams. However, many organizations’ communication between these departments gets inhibited as both marketing and sales constantly compete with each other in order to prove which team is more valuable for the company. The reality is that both of these units are equally significant for company’s success. Marketing is responsible for generating as many high-quality leads as possible.


Mike Kirillov, CIO at ZyXEL Communications Corp in CIS Region

Implementation of BPMonline allowed to seamlessly unite different channels of communication and increase service transparency and manageability.