Bpm'online forPrivate Banking and Investment Management Firms

Deploy an integrated all-in-one solution to run all operational aspects of your firm:

  • Enhance advisor productivity
  • Ensure effective client relationship management and consistent quality of service
  • Acquire high net-worth and mass-affluent clients
  • Organize all documents in a single stream
  • Implement a joined-up approach to business process management
  • Produce sophisticated reports & analytics for reliable and informed decisions

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Private Investment

With increased competition and fast-paced business growth, investment banks, capital markets and wealth management firms are looking for a solution to help build strong relationships, obtain and retain profitable customers, supply personalized products and services, expand in the new markets.

Bpm'online provides a comprehensive process-based solution that offers front-and back-office business tools to help private investment and wealth management firms manage their work.

All-in-one Solution to Gain Efficiency of Private Investment Management

Bpm'online application for capital market firms and private banks has been tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry:

Advisor Productivity

  • Use integrated online desktop for private advisors with complete client information
  • Generate documents automatically with templates, store all client-related documents electronically
  • Organize and use a searchable, collective knowledge base that enhances your ability to offer appropriate advice to your clients
  • Manage all types of activities (tasks, calls, emails) in a single window
  • Use bpm'online outlook connector for seamless MS Outlook integration
  • Deploy business processes that assign tasks and resources to team members

Consistent Quality of Service

  • Set up reminders for all important events of a client (birthdays and family holidays, contract termination dates, etc.)
  • Send automatic pro-active alerts to clients about the changes in securities price, changes in capital structure, etc.
  • Manage all the products and services used by clients in a single interface
  • Ensure customer referrals and requests are seamlessly routed
  • Assess portfolio performance and respond rapidly to market changes
  • Review detailed reports on client data, and produce compliant and tailored Statements of Advice (SOAs) based on the client's holistic financial status

Client Relationship Management

  • Store detailed client profiles and history, collect vital client data from email, phone, website, etc.
  • Keep track of the client interrelations, influence on accounts, other contacts, assets
  • Catch a holistic, 360-degree view of clients across investments, deposits, insurances
  • Get prompt access to all client-related documents and attachments
  • Obtain a comprehensive picture of direct client value and indirect potential influence while tracking associated costs

Closing More Deals

  • Perform sophisticated client segmentation, ensure personalized approach to different client segments
  • Initiate the process of high net-worth and mass-affluent clients acquisition
  • Plan and launch more targeted marketing campaigns and PR activities
  • Measure response and revenue after a conference, PR activity, marketing campaign
  • Plan and supervise activities of the sales department, automate the sales process
  • Keep pace with financial products and offerings to improve cross-sell and up-sell
  • Standardize sales process across organization

Grow Your Business to the Next Level

  • Automate routine operations, boost efficiency of client relationship management and advice provision
  • Implement the best practices, work according to the same rules and processes
  • Use automated workflows to achieve effectiveness of cross-communications between advisors, different departments
  • Continuously improve your business processes
  • Enjoy a 360-degree view of your company efficiency with a consolidated dashboard
  • Get real-time analytics and reports to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)

Under the Hood: a Powerful yet Intuitive Tool

The users of bpm'online application will enjoy an intuitive web interface that allows them to undertake their work anywhere. Easily customize the system with user configuration tools and enable your firm meet the ever-evolving business needs.

The bpm'online outlook connector allows your advisors to work in the program they feel comfortable with; work offline and seamlessly integrate with Outlook’s native functionality, eliminating data duplication whilst maintaining the integrity of your data.

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