There are two options when choosing a business process managment tool - (SaaS) BPM and on-premise BPM. Find about the advantages of SaaS BPM.


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What are the benefits of SaaS BPM?

These days, more and more organizations, no matter their size and type, are considering SaaS BPM tools to improve business processes, free up internal resources and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Thinking of moving towards a SaaS for your business process management? Here are three reasons to adopt SaaS in your business.

Make your business stand out from the crowd by implementing powerful SaaS BPM platform

1. No hardware needed

Different from the traditional model, in SaaS the software is already installed and configured. This minimizes common delays resulting from traditional software deployment. SaaS BPM allows users to avoid the investment in hardware while receiving a great service offering. You can use your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet – all you need is a web browser.

2. New releases and upgrades

SaaS BPM provides regular updates centrally to the hosted apps, removing this workload from you. Thus, costs and efforts associated with new releases and upgrades are much lower than the traditional deployment model. You are not forced to buy, upgrade or install the package – all the work is done for you automatically.

3. Better personalization and customization options

Products delivered in the SaaS model can be easily adjusted to customers’ needs. Most SaaS BPM providers offer fixed subscription plans with the possibility to change settings to meet clients’ needs more effectively. Usually, the price is individually settled in line with a customized solution. Additionally, many SaaS providers give an access to their APIs, enabling users to integrate with existing systems.