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Bpm’online process mapping software will enable your organization to take full control of business processes by allowing you to visualise your process concepts, discover inefficiencies, and optimize your processes to achieve sustainable efficiency.

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Process mapping software is a custom tailored and very powerful business tool. It is developed to meet the needs of companies oriented on in-depth management and optimization of business processes. With process maps and flowcharts at your disposal, you will be able to monitor, model and optimize processes, analyze process metrics, and, ultimately, improve efficiency.

The best process mapping software enables users to understand processes by allowing them to effectively manage accounting, marketing, sales, supply chain, finance and various other operations, and take immediate actions towards improving each one of these.

Benefits of Process Mapping Software

Process mapping software is a tool that facilitates efficient communication, makes project management easy and increases productivity across the entire organization.

Better Understanding of the Big Picture

Employees working in different departments, such as service, marketing and sales departments, do not completely understand how their actions impact the subsequent business process steps.

With the process mapping tool, your employees will have the unique opportunity to get familiar with the entire process. In just a matter of minutes, they will be able to see the inputs, actions and outputs of the process they are involved in.

This will not only help them see how they contribute to the end result, but will also increase responsibility towards coworkers, who are also involved in the process.

Onboarding of New Employees is Much Easier

The more complex your business processes are, the harder it will be for you to train new employees. This process alone can sometimes take several weeks, and in some cases even months. This is where process mapping software excels.

Instead of drowning your new employees in papers, sketches or internal knowledge base, you can visually communicate your processes to them.

The best process mapping tools on the market use colors and symbols in process mapping to help employees easily understand and learn the company’s way of doing things. The end result is a shorter and more efficient onboarding process, less downtime and increased productivity.

Continuously Improve Processes

Beside process modeling, execution and monitoring, process mapping software also comes with built in analytics.

The execution metrics generated in real-time are particularly useful in terms of identifying bottlenecks that may slow down your processes. With easy-to-use process monitoring and analytics tools, you will be able to achieve the desired business outcomes faster and with less effort.

Automate Redundant, Boring and Complex Tasks

Working every day on redundant and boring tasks usually results in a lot of errors which may cost your business dearly. Additionally, just one error can lead to a complete halt.

The top-notch process mapping solutions come with process automation. This functionality will not only enable you to enjoy a safe errorless business process execution, but it will also increase the productivity of your employees, allowing them to focus their time on more important tasks that require direct human involvement.

Record Best Practices and Share Them Across the Organization

How many times have your employees found a perfect case specific solution that is lost afterwards? Practices that could be reapplied in a similar cases or solutions that could be implemented in other departments are often forgotten once the problem is solved.

With process mapping software, however, you can easily record the best practices and share this knowledge. Having all these mapped ready-to-use processes in your knowledge base will make your organization more agile and ready to respond to changes in saturated markets.

What to Consider When Choosing Process Mapping Software

The Price

Since money is the primary concern for a company thinking of investing in business software, you should look for vendors that offer different software packages depending on the functionality. You should determine your needs and go with an option you can afford.

Standalone or Built-in Process Mapping Software

The next step is to determine whether you need a software that only has process mapping functionality or something with a bigger potential. Process mapping is the new standard in the business software industry, and you will be able to find it as an advanced functionality feature of the top CRM software solutions.

Reputation of Software Vendor

Before making your final decision, make sure to check if there are any online reviews of the software you are interested in. Don’t forget to go through the reputable analysts’ recommendations. Look for information on how the software affects productivity, sales volume, and if it is easy to use.

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Bpm’online Software

Bpm’online CRM software is a powerful solution with extensive process mapping tools, offering all of the above-mentioned benefits. It is an easy-to-use tool with an intuitive interface, which makes it easily deployable and with minimal onboarding time. The following features will put you in full control over your business processes.

Dynamic Case Management

This feature will help you manage unstructured processes. By selecting the best path to achieve the desired results more quickly, you will be able to maximise the unstructured process outputs.

Process Designer

Process designer is an easy-to-use tool equipped with drag-n-drop technology, which allows for building customer business processes. Even with minimal technical knowledge, you will be able to build complex processes by simply dragging elements and making connections between them.

Process Library

Bpm’online CRM comes with a library of the best practices in the industry. You will be able to deploy any of these out-of-the-box business process maps and flowcharts right at the moment you start using this software.


With the analytics tools, the bpm’online process mapping tool becomes a perfect solution for process optimization. You will be able to identify and eliminate bottlenecks very quickly thanks to the data streamed in real time.

Over the years, the mission of bpm’online is to help companies become more productive and gain complete control of their business processes. If you want to test bpm’online CRM with process mapping tools, you can start your free trial here.

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