What Is a CRM System?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system helps you better understand your customers and their needs, so that you can know how to satisfy those needs and inspire trust and loyalty. Its primary purpose is to help you leverage all the information you collect about your customers and prospects, so that you can target them better and communicate with them more effectively, ultimately improving your bottom line and growing your business.

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What Is a CRM System and How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

A CRM system stores contact information of all the people interacting with your business, as well as information regarding their engagement with your brand – what issue they were experiencing when they first made contact with you, how you helped them solve their pain points, whether or not they made a purchase with you, what they bought, when they bought it, how often they purchase from you, etc.

In a single location, you have the entire history of your customer interactions, and you can access them and track them 24/7, managing your daily tasks wherever you are and whenever you need to. With bpm’online CRM, you have access to all the necessary information from any mobile device, which is especially beneficial to your field team when it’s out there communicating directly with your customers.

What are the benefits of CRM system usage?

One of the best parts about a CRM system is that it enables you to easily track and capture your leads, recognizing the exact time when they are ready to make a purchase, so that you can instantly assign them to the most suitable sales agents who will follow them through every stage of your sales pipeline.

With our solution, you can easily identify the best lead generation channels and effectively convert your leads into sales, making sure that no opportunity ever slips through your fingers.

The bpm’online CRM system enables knowledge management as well, so that you and your teams can share documents with one another and be instantly notified about any document change and other updates and announcements. Real-time communication is also a crucial feature of our CRM solution, as it enables your team to effectively collaborate and become much more efficient.

A CRM system also drastically increases the productivity within your organization, as it saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to jump through hoops to find the necessary files and all the information you need for engaging your customers and prospects, and generating more leads and conversions. Everything you need is perfectly organized in a single location in the cloud.

Yet another amazing benefit of a CRM system is that it seamlessly integrates with other systems that you already use, such as your email client, website, marketing automation software, social apps and many other third-party applications. With CRM integration, you can take full advantage of all the systems at your disposal and maximize your operational performance.

Bpm’online CRM is a comprehensive and highly-intelligent platform that helps you accelerate marketing, sales, service delivery and your daily operations, and it is designed for sheer customer delight. With our solution, you can be sure that you will significantly increase your productivity and efficiency, easily build meaningful customer relationships and a strong customer base, ultimately generating more sales and revenue and growing your business, so be sure to check it out and take it for a free test drive.

Summing up what a CRM system is

A CRM system, as its name suggests, is a software system that enables you to manage your business relationships with your customers by leveraging all the data that it stores, consisting of the personal information and preferences of your clients and prospects, as well as all your interactions with them.

By helping you manage all your customer interactions from one central location, saving you a lot of time and money, and enabling you to strengthen your team and expand your customer base, it ultimately helps you grow your business and turn it into an effective and profitable one.

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