Setting Your Business Up for Radical Growth with a B2B CRM Solution

Get the bpm’online B2B CRM solution, a platform that offers your business the tools it needs to significantly grow its revenue by optimizing and increasing the efficiency of its CRM processes.


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B2B CRM is a software that makes managing business interactions and relationships efficient. These relationships cover both prospective customers as well as the existing ones.

Selling to a business entity requires a different approach than in B2C business. As a result of this, the decision whether to make a purchase is not based on personal relationship and in many cases will require various levels of approval within the customer organization.

Understanding B2B CRM?

There are key decision makers within every organization who have a direct influence on the buyer decision. A B2B CRM solution therefore provides tools that will help a business manage its leads and prospects, in the process identifying the key players within a customer organization who have the power to make the decision to buy or not to buy a product or service.

Once identified, the right B2B CRM solution will help you nurture these prospects in the best way possible, thereby increasing your chances of handing off to sales more leads, which in this case are other businesses. Using the B2B CRM, you will also be able to retain your relationships with these leads even after they have become customers.

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Benefits of Using B2B CRM

There are a lot of benefits that a B2B company will derive from using a B2B CRM solution. Some of these include:

Some Questions to Ask Before Getting A B2B CRM Solution

Before deciding on any B2B CRM solution, there are a few questions that will help you determine which is right for you. Some of these questions are:

Is It Customizable?

Is It Scalable?

Does It Offer Process Automation?

Does It Support Integration with Other Apps?

Key benefits


Leverage intelligent technologies that help users automate time-consuming operations


Take advantage of pre-built solutions for marketing, sales and service on top of the BPM platform


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The bpm’online B2B CRM Solution

Bpm’online is a global leader in the CRM software industry. With its deep understanding of business processes, customer relationship management and modern technologies these processes require to function optimally, it offers a robust B2B CRM solution that is comprehensive in design and functionality.

Offering a bundle of three CRM products for sales, marketing on a single platform, the bpm’online CRM solution provides midsize and large enterprises with the tools they need to improve their marketing, sales and service processes.

While these three products (bpm’online marketing, bpm’online sales and bpm’online service) can be used as stand-alone products, they are combined on the single bpm’online CRM platform to deliver unparalleled CRM solutions.

Some of the features of bpm’online CRM include:

  • 360° customer view
  • Business process management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Document flow automation
  • Mobile CRM
  • Analytics
  • Contact center
  • Case management
  • Service catalogue
  • Knowledge management

If you are ready to accelerate your marketing, sales and service processes, get the bpm’online B2B CRM solution and watch your business grow exponentially. If you’re still unsure, try it free for 14 days and experience how it works.