ITIL operations management: what it is and how it works

IT operations management: delivering a stable service in accordance with the agreed levels of service


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ITIL operations management with bpm’online service

Organization and management became the key steps for running a successful business. Without the properly structured workflow, the office routine could turn into the unruly mess of misunderstanding, late appointments and incorrectly composed documents. Therefore, the precise structure of the office life have become the necessity for the efficient maintenance of the work procedures. There are several main issues with the workflow automation and running operations smoothly:


Data management

Within every given company, the volume of information usually reaches critical level within a month of running operations. In order not to drown in tons of everyday routine documents, one needs a software that will minimize the time and people resources, eliminating the human error factor on the way. Bpm’online knowledge base can easily facilitate these functions.


Stability in running operations

The best system is the one that can run with minimal human input. That provides the needed stability in mundane tasks reducing them to the standard automatic operations. The efficiency of the company actually could be measured by its stability as it reflects on the performance of every part of the team. If the system can let you know that there is some issues, you can prevent the problem in the first place and keep your corporate machine on its smooth sailing course.


Changes implementation

We live in a world where every day brings new updates and innovations. As a result, you cannot run in the same procedures and protocols for a long time. So, every week or so you will need to stop the work and upgrade the system. But what if the system will update on its own when there is no one in the office? Great software is the one that runs seamlessly. Fortunately, bpm’online service offers an option of changes implementation for you.


Request management

As your company grow, you get to a milestone of the first feedback and first request. After that, things escalate in geometric progression bringing you to the necessity to deal with the incoming request in a more organized manner. The way to do that have several approaches and depend on the company policy. The best way is when the system allows you to customize the way to deal with them.


Incident and problem management

The way you deal with the problem defines your company's’ service capabilities and usually is the face of your support that corresponds with the positive feedbacks about your company. Once again, every company has specific products and services and they need to adjust the way they deal with the issues. The best way is to customize the system according to your particular procedures. Bpm’online service offers you this option.

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ITIL requirements


Unified customer database

Consolidate all the information you have on your contacts in one place for the convenient access and efficient management. Use intelligent data enrichment tool to fill in the gaps in your information. Segment your contacts, leads and accounts in order to personalize your approach. Access the history of the interactions with the client with a single click. Use the analytics to make sure you are using the most time and cost - effective approach.


Omnichannel communications

Use Customer Portal to reduce the number of incoming requests giving your clients to manage their accounts. Use Communication panel to contact your client, call, email or text your client from the system minimizing the time and effort of your representatives. Give the colleagues the possibility to chat discussing burning issues and finding out the needed answers with the Enterprise Social Network. Receive the analytics of day-to-day operations to control your quality and efficiency.


Contact center

Enable your employees to adjust their desktop and see all the tasks and deadline they have to meet in one window. Provide your supervisors with the access to all the incoming and outgoing communication to estimate the workload, monitor, and manage the activities of the employees. Manage your queues and workflow for every team member without any difficulties.


Business process management

Facilitate the automation of all of your inner processes. Let the system handle all the processes for you, disregarding their complexity and length. Use the case management for the dynamic processes. Take into account ITIL suggestions and process-oriented ITSM approach. Take advantage of the process library that can provide the needed help of the best world practices.


Request management

Register and classify your requests upon receipt, use out-of-the-box process for incident management not to waste your time. Record and store every case to save time in case of the similar issue. Use incident diagnostic to provide client with the fast and proficient information. Close every incident with the client’s feedback that system will request automatically.


Problem management

Identify and store all the incidents so that the system could prevent recurring incidents, register them right from management process in order. Plan and assign the issues to the specific people to be solved in timely manner. Keep the history of the incidents and their resolution so that you could find it in several clicks. Run the system diagnostic to prevent any incidents.


Change management

Plan all the changes, running the different level approvals for the different level updates of the system. Monitor the implementation of the upgrades and implementations to make sure there are no issues or glitches.


Release management

Manage your releases beforehand to make sure all the teams and employees are on the same page with the release, the system will help you to keep track of all the details.

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