Bpm’online facilitates features of CRM software for nonprofits

How hard do you think it is for companies to manage their sales workflow? Even though many people may argue, nowadays it is all about selling – be it services, skills, knowledge or anything else.


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Searching for effective nonprofit management techniques? Sale professionals will tell you that managing nonprofit organizations is no harder than managing any other company. In some cases, it may be even easier. However, the main question is how to manage all of the activities and keep on top of things?

Once again, the world target-oriented professionals develop workflow automation tools, such as CRM and BPM in order to facilitate easy management of any business process, including the workflow for nonprofit organizations. Among millions of the activities that are performed daily, here is how the automation tool can help:

Of course, we have not mentioned all the activities but just aligned the general work involved in the running of the nonprofit organization. At the same time, CRM and BPM systems can also offer much more functionality as well. Let’s take a look at the bpm’online CRM platform and the capabilities that it may offer:

Bpm’online Sales

Offering the possibility to create your own business process and manage every detail of the workflow is not impossible or even hard to do. Drag and drop tool will give you this opportunity and even offer several hints. After that, just check the process and find its bottlenecks to make the process run smoothly in the future.

Monitor all the contacts and accounts with all the history recorded and accounted for.

Invoices and documents will be stored in the single database attached to the relevant leads, companies or contacts. Document flow automation will give you a possibility to send the information for approval if it is needed. Product management will facilitate the detailed account of the every item or service rendered. Knowledge base will keep all the information that might be needed in case of unusual issue or question that will give the employees fast response ratings and increase independent solution search.

Integration will allow easy data import and export in and out of the system allowing for omnichannel communication if you need to contact anyone from the system via email, call or text. Enterprise social network will allow you and your colleagues to keep in touch constantly and share the hot news.

Customization will allow the adjustment of the system to the needs of every employee even if their responsibilities are different creating comfortable environment to work in.

Bpm’online Marketing

Marketing capabilities will give you the same view of the contacts and prospects, with all the details and history recorded. You will be able to group people according to their personal needs and interests.

In addition, you can assign relevant groups to different responsible teams or people, making sure they are working with the professional in their field. You can design the email campaign within the system, making the bulk email sending interesting and closely suited to the interests of the person it is sent to.

Planning of the events is not a tedious task anymore! The system will help with all the details. Plan all the activities, set the tasks to the team or people and monitor the way they are being carried out. Analytical capabilities will show you the effectiveness of the assigned responsible party and the vent in general. Use dynamic case management capabilities to tame the wild running processes in order to bring more structure to the decision-making and efficiency control of such procedures. Manage tasks and calendars, interactions with people within the organization and outside all from the system in just a few clicks. Customize your workplace to suit your needs and enjoy the simple navigation within the system.

Bpm’online Service

Easily through the single contact database to be able to find and help within a moment. Communicate with the colleagues and contacts from the system. Assign queues to the representatives responsible to the reaching out or the support team for incoming communication requests. Create a unique process of calls processing with the business process management tools to provide extreme experience for the callers. Deal with requests, problems and change in a timely fashion, as system will help you locate the issues and find the solution with the knowledge database. Unified service catalogue will help to manage requests and issues preventing any recurring issues. Synchronize and integrate with the application necessary for the specific activity and adjust the system to your particular requirements. Attune the system to deal with tasks of different complexity.