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From automation to lead generation, CRM delivers all the insights any business in the Netherlands could ever need.


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Features of bpm’online – the best CRM Netherlands has to offer

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from CRM in the Netherlands, which provides a wide range of useful features. There is no better customer relationship management solution available on the market than bpm’online. Advanced metrics and practical marketing features such as bulk mailing and opportunity management, and the extensive service support offered – all this comes complete with bpm’online CRM. Here’s a closer look at a few of the many features which this CRM supplies.

Bpm’online CRM provides an infrastructure to support every facet of your business.

360° customer view for comprehensive profile management

Every growing business needs detailed customer analytics. You don’t get a more complete customer database than that provided by bpm’online. It gives you key information concerning all aspects of your business. CRM in the Netherlands needs to not only give record-keeping functionality but advanced metrics and comparisons as well. With our CRM you get full capturing of any custom fields defined while smart data enrichment keeps your customer information up-to-date automatically. You can then use socio-demographics from various verticals to help you make data-driven decisions. With a full history of all quotes, orders, and communications, you’ll be able to capitalize on new prospective leads better and build more effective marketing channels.

Email marketing across all platforms

With our CRM in the Netherlands, your multiple channel marketing is unified into a singular interface. You can use bpm’online alongside any existing infrastructure. Microsoft Exchange, Elastic and UniOne are fully supported. All levels of marketing and management staff will benefit from this intuitive software. A drag-and-drop template designer will have beautiful, targeting campaigns ready to go in no time. You can either use CRM to build a list or send out your previously captured contacts effortlessly. Built-in templates and components are already optimized for all devices, saving you time. Our advanced reporting and analytics improve mass mailing and split testing. You can use our tools to filter your list to any scope or criteria you prefer.

Opportunity management for any industry

No matter what industry you need a CRM in the Netherlands for, bpm’online guarantees smoother, more efficient opportunity management. Thanks to the smart data enrichment of your leads, all opportunities are prepared for sales free from duplicates and any irrelevant information. Our CRM in the Netherlands handles everything from lead qualification to lead distribution. A full record of all communications is available allowing you to better manage your marketing and service support. Your sales team will be able to optimize strategies thanks to full opportunity tracking. From budgetary insights to resale probability and more, opportunity management is complete. Utilize our powerful sales pipeline tool to analyze performance information and fine-tune the productivity of your enterprise.

Advanced sales forecasting & projections

Each CRM in the Netherlands needs to deliver proven sales forecasting. Bpm’online helps you achieve all of your goals. Indicators and smart filtering allow you to compare volumes according to account type, industry, vertical or the manager in charge. All sales quotas deliver detailed reports stating the viability of meeting goals and possible bottlenecks in the process. The entire process is totally transparent which is perfect for managers to keep track of their staff.

Easy-to-use customer portal

Bpm’online customer portal unifies all communication sources to a single point of contact. Your case resolution process is made transparent. Customers have access to a customer portal which gives them their own user account and profile, as well as a place to track case resolution. From this control centre service desk load is reduced thanks to easy access to all relevant support articles in a unified knowledge base. Thanks to the seamless integration with all the existing messaging systems you are notified immediately when a customer makes a call. The profile of your customer is displayed immediately allowing service, marketing, and sales agents to access all the information they need.

Agent home – unifying messaging

Day-to-day tasks are grouped into a single interface making multiuser communications easy. Not only are you afforded the opportunity to log every message across all departments of your business, but you can also share information via your very own enterprise social network. This unique feature of bpm’online gives you a social messaging interface for your business. Service managers and supervisors are granted an extended vantage point to evaluate the performance of their staff. Your queues will be processed in the most productive way possible thanks to advanced organized case processing. You can create queues for almost anything, from dynamic processing involving static filters to interactive processes, every element is formulated into an efficient workflow.

Customer relationship management software delivers a toolset designed to capture and optimize communications and customer relationships within your business.

Feature-rich CRM in the Netherlands for all your business needs

There are simply so many tools packed into our feature-rich CRM that no matter what type of tool you need as a growing business, you’re sure to find it in bpm’online. Businesses large and small across the Netherlands can design custom automation systems to help support their team and management. Customers benefit from personalized channels of communication and business solutions which address problems immediately as they arise. All relationships within sales, marketing, and support can use this CRM in the Netherlands from any device including mobile phones and tablets. With the help of bpm’online, you can build better business relationships and bolster your own productivity and profits.