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New capabilities of bpm'online platform - version 7.8

Enhanced business process designer

Promptly adapt to market changes

The simplified and streamlined business process designer with an all new UI/UX of process elements, simplified process design tools and step-by-step hints, makes business process modeling much quicker and easier even for users with no technical background.

Empowered with updated out-of-the-box processes users are able to easily move deals along each stage of the pipeline: from lead acquisition to repeat sales.

When building new processes, users can use hotkeys, quickly add hints, copy and paste process diagrams, and run business processes right from the process designer in order to test execution and make timely changes.

Engaging action-driven interface

Be result-oriented!

Less clicks, more actions! The latest release features an engaging action-driven interface that helps users stay focused on critical information and suggests the next steps needed for the best results.

Interactive profiles and action dashboards provide the ability to work with the lead, opportunity, case, contact or account on one single page, e.g. manage tasks, send emails, make phone calls, analyze a history of interactions, etc.

Almost any action can now be performed with the help of the Action Dashboard. Whether you want to write an email, record the result of a phone call, plan a meeting or add a post to the Feed, almost any activity can now be performed on one single page with the help of the Action Dashboard.

Pop-up summaries of activities, contacts, accounts, leads and activities enable users to instantly input new data into the system, edit existing records or view record summaries without switching to the full page mode.

Enterprise Social Network (ESN) and updated calendar in the mobile application

Enjoy the benefits of the bpm’online mobile app

Users who want to be connected 24/7 will definitely appreciate the updates in the 7.8 version of the bpm’online mobile app.

ESN, the internal communication channel, is now available in bpm’online’s mobile app. Use the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) on your smartphone or tablet to keep your fingers on the pulse of your business. Send messages linked to your contacts, accounts or activities. Share ideas and “like” and comment on any post in the feed.

The updated interface of the calendar is another impressive improvement, as it takes the user experience to a whole new level and makes navigation through the app incredibly intuitive. AutoSaving will positively affect the speed of making changes to data, as changes are saved and processed in the background mode.

New email integration capabilities

You can work with your email in the CRM system or operate the CRM system from your email

Version 7.8 is seamlessly integrated with SmartCloud Connect (developed by Invisible CRM), which integrates your Microsoft Outlook window into bpm’online. Use SmartCloud Connect to work with opportunities, activities, leads, contacts and accounts without logging into bpm’online.

The user can create, process and link objects directly from their email box or Outlook calendar. Moreover, Magic Pixel enables you to track whether users open your emails and the time, place and device that was used. This way you can schedule further communications with your customers, optimize the content for outgoing emails and choose the most efficient communication channels. In addition, the easily customizable interface makes working with SmartCloud Connect truly effortless.

Simple tools for configuring system sections

Adjust the system to your specific business requirements!

It is even easier to create and edit system sections, pages, lists and details in bpm’online 7.8. The updated section wizard provides an enhanced UI and new features for managing system elements.

Users can change the layout of any section to meet their business requirements in a few clicks using the drag’n’drop functionality, e.g. add and change sizes of fields on the record page, as well as rearrange components. All customizations can now be made in the updated Section Wizard, including action dashboards setup, managing tabs, data types, etc.

Agile system localization

Ensure efficient operations of your international offices

Leverage simplified localization tools to support a multilingual environment in your organization and combine several languages in a single interface. Not only can you localize the system terminology, but also lookup values, analytical data and every step of your business-processes.

Localization tools let you create a list of all records that need to be translated and forward this data to an interpreter to process. Once the translation is ready, you can import the list back into the system and set the new interface language.

If the user is capable of localizing the language independently, they can do the translation directly in the system. Improved user tools for system translation and multilingual support enable users to painlessly localize the system into any language.

New development tools

Expand the capabilities of your CRM solution!

The new tools enable developers to edit the source code in Visual Studio, as all the advantages of the popular Visual Studio environment are now available for bpm’online.

You can use Visual Studio to create additional web- and REST-services, reconstruct the business logic of any project and edit the source code. Also, Visual Studio boosts productivity of your developers as they can work independently or in a team. Visual Studio will enable you to simplify the process of system adaptation and development of new solutions on the bpm’online platform.

New capabilities of bpm’online marketing 7.8

  • Simplify multichannel campaign planning and analysis

    To make the most of communications with target audiences, we’ve added new capabilities for marketing campaign planning in bpm’online 7.8.

    The marketing calendar is the tool that enables users to plan activities for all communication channels and then choose the most effective ones. The marketing calendar displays information for all planned activities, communication channels, and most importantly the exact dates by weeks, months or quarters.

    There is a possibility to group activities within a campaign, enabling users to track progress and results within the entire area of focus.

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  • Leverage all the capabilities of email-marketing

    In bpm’online version 7.8 we’ve changed mechanics of interaction between the application and ESP (email service providers). Bpm’online marketing is now integrated with its own cloud-based email service, which can effortlessly integrate with other bulk email service providers capable of SMTP-mailing and response tracking. This will enable users to choose among a broad variety of email providers.

    Bpm’online also employs a cloud-based bulk email service connector to send mass mail via UniOne, which will enable users to spend less time for mass mail setup and concentrate more on content and template creation, making the most out of their bulk emails.

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  • Use scoring to work only with targeted leads

    In order to increase sales success rates, companies need to increase the number of sales-ready leads. Lead segmentation has become a more automated process thanks to the new lead scoring models in bpm’online version 7.8.

    Users can set specific scoring criteria within the system to filter sales-ready leads from those requiring more nurturing. Assess customer activity, maturity and needs to timely transfer leads to the sales department or the opposite - to continue nurturing them based on a large variety of data: website activity tracking, social-demographical data, events and email responses, overall order amounts and more.

    Due to the multi-purpose scoring mechanics, these methods can be used not only to qualify leads but also to segregate any data inside the system, e.g. to estimate customer significance, order priority, case urgency, etc.

    *New scoring capabilities will be available starting from June 14, 2016.

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New capabilities of bpm'online sales 7.8

  • Boost productivity with a refined B2B sales process

    The updated version of bpm’online sales comprises all the necessary tools for sales reps to organize key tasks and boost efficiency.

    The new 7.8 version features an optimized B2B sales process with a reduced number of stages and process activities. Now, each stage of the sales process includes only key actions for opportunities, and the system now records the exact time an opportunity moves to a specific stage. At the same time, the new action-driven interface of the Opportunity page will suggest the best next actions needed to effectively manage the opportunity: from the first interaction to a successful closing. The enhanced interface and refined tools will help sales reps to focus on results and shorten the sales cycle dramatically.

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  • Keep track of important sales information with enhanced pipeline management tools

    Refined sales funnel algorithms enable sales reps get a timely and transparent picture of the performance of individual sales reps and sales department as a whole. The algorithms for building up the sales pipeline have been refined and three new criteria for viewing the sales pipeline have been added: "Number of opportunities", "Stage conversion rate" and "Pipeline conversion". With the latest enhancements, the pipeline data is displayed much faster and users are now also able to customize the way specific stages in the pipeline are displayed.

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New capabilities of bpm'online service 7.8

  • Resolve cases faster and streamline communications with clients

    With bpm’online 7.8, users can plan activities taking into account different time zones that are now displayed on the mini-pages of contacts and activities, which enhances the user experience as well as helps to easily view the time difference and arrange the meetings or mutual activities.

    Refined algorithms that estimate case resolution time, taking into account time zones, will help users to resolve cases faster and always on time. The case reclassification process enables users to redirect cases to other support lines and effectively route cases to relevant agents. The enhanced Case page provides comprehensive data on current requests and suggests the next actions while reducing the case processing time drastically.

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  • Effectively manage all interaction channels with clients

    With bpm’online 7.8, users won't miss any important call thanks to an enhanced phone integration system; the system now notifies users about incoming calls with a small pop-up. In addition, it’s now even easier to find a contact thanks to the upgraded communication panel.

    An optimized synchronization of email, contacts, tasks and calendars with MS Exchange will enable users to manage all communications with clients efficiently and notably boost productivity.

    The updated layout of the Self-Service Portal enables customers to swiftly and effortlessly submit cases and keep track of their status.

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