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What is Client Relationship Management Software?

This is a client relationship management tool that simplifies client relationship management processes that businesses engage in. It achieves this by automating these processes, thereby increasing efficiency and overall business profitability.

Looking at this definition, it is important to answer another question:

What Is Client Relationship Management?

Client Relationship Management (which is also more popularly known as CRM or Customer Relationship Management) refers to all strategies, practices, processes and technologies that businesses and organizations make use of in the management and analysis of their interactions with their clients from their very first contact. The goal of these practices and processes is achieving better service delivery, which will in turn improve client loyalty and retention, leading to increased revenue.

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Benefits of Client Relationship Management Software

Having looked at the above definitions, it is pretty clear that client relationship management is something that is very critical to the growth of any business. Knowing this, let us look at some benefits of using client relationship management software.

Some of these benefits include:

Process Automation

This significantly reduces time spent manually handling different CRM processes. With the automation of these processes, time is not only maximized and efficiency increased, human errors are also almost eradicated.

Easy Access to Data

Data is centralized and easily accessible. This makes it easy for marketing, sales and service to get relevant information necessary to effectively serve a client in a timely manner. This also improves the synergy between marketing, sales and service, allowing each department to work towards the same goal, complimenting each other rather than working at cross purposes.

Improved Analytics and Reporting

With the centralization of data, information is easily analyzed for the easy assessment of team performances, evaluation of goals and targets, identification of lead sources and the quality of each source, assessment of lead quality and many others.

his function will enable a business know exactly what is working and what is not. This will lead to an increase in performance as the business can then focus only on the things that work and not expend energy on non-performing activities.

Improved Marketing, Sales and Service

With access to important client information, marketing can create highly personalized campaigns that will effectively nurture a lead, increasing the chances of the lead becoming sales qualified.

In the same vein, sales can easily follow up a qualified lead and with the readily available information on the lead, convert the lead to a customer by making a sale. After the first sale, the customer service can also with the same information gathered on the client, begin to deliver personalized services that will delight the client, improving client loyalty and retention.

Improved Communication

Communication is way more than just getting in touch with a person. A client relationship software does not just offer several communication channels, it also improves communication by giving you a 360 view of the client and every past communication that the client has had with the company. This ensures you know exactly the client’s history with the company and can therefore communicate effectively based on this.

Choosing a Client Relationship Management Software

When choosing a customer relationship management software, there are several features you must look out for. These include:

  • Scalability

You must be able to scale the software to fit your business’ needs whether it is large or small.

  • Process Automation

Without this feature, a major part of the benefits of using a client relationship software will be forfeited.

  • Deployment Options

Your relationship management software of choice should offer you the ideal deployment option. The best of them will offer an onsite as well as an cloud option. This will allow you to choose the option that best suits your need.

  • Flexible Payment Plans

You should also look for one that offers you a number of payment options. This gives you a level of convenience as you can pick a plan that favors you the most.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Ability to use the software with a mobile device is vital as this will make it possible for you to access your CRM platform from anywhere.

The bpm’online Solution

Bpm’online offers a robust solution for your CRM processes. It provides three individually powerful tools – bpm’online marketing, bpm’online sales and bpm’online service. These products can be used as standalone solutions or together as offered on the bpm’online CRM platform.

With this CRM solution, you will enjoy client relationship management tools that will help you accelerate your marketing, sales and service. These tools include:

  • 360° customer view

    This offers an easy view of customer information, thereby improving communication and service delivery.

  • Business process management

    This helps in the improvement and automation of business processes which in turn leads to greater efficiency.

  • Collaboration tools

    This helps improve synergy between teams and team members, as well as manage communications even with clients.

  • Lead management

    This feature improves the process of lead capturing, lead nurturing and other processes through the lead’s life cycle.

  • Opportunity management

    With this feature, opportunities are better managed because the history of interactions can be tracked and a personalized strategy adopted for each opportunity.

  • Document flow automation

    This greatly simplifies the process of working with documents. The right documents can be created, processed and tracked easily.

  • Mobile CRM

    This offers mobile access to the platform so team members can access vital information from any location from a mobile device.

  • Analytics

    This allows for easy and quick analyzing goals and targets. It makes for an easy assessment of key indicators for any given period.

  • Contact center

    This makes managing daily tasks much easier. Service reps can efficiently manage requests and queues while managers can monitor the progress of their team members with ease.

  • Knowledge management

    This offers an important information database that can be easily accessed by employees, allowing each worker to quickly get information on any subject matter.

The above are just some of the tools that the bpm’online CRM software offers. It offers a lot more than these.

If you are ready to accelerate your marketing, sales and service with a client relationship management software, then get the bpm’online CRM software today and enjoy unmatched acceleration. If you want to get a feel of what this solution really offers, you can take advantage of our 14-day free trial.

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