Understanding the value of a good low-code platform

Bpm’online studio is a low-code platform that supports businesses of all types and sizes by offering a range of testing tools and features that unify communication, marketing, support, and innovation across your enterprise.

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What does low-code mean?

Low-code is a term, which refers to methods used to design and develop software quickly using minimal coding. Skilled developers receive massive time-saving benefits when using software, which helps to put together more complex software using simple interface, basic logic, and drag-and-drop-tools.

Low-code can also refer to various types of development spanning databases, business processes, user interfaces, and web/mobile applications.

A low-code platform is one of the most innovative improvements that a business can make to its infrastructure.

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What is no-code platform?

A no-code platform is synonymous to a low-code platform with the only distinction being that it supplies a visual integrated development environment.

Bpm’online studio can be described as no-code platform as it allows you to build advanced applications using nothing more than drag-and-drop tools.

What is low-code software?

Low-code software refers to the system, which is hosted either on your own infrastructure or remotely on a cloud-based server. It is the backend of all low-code development packages.

The rich toolset given by bpm’online studio is all delivered by low-code software hosted on a server. This allows employees and customers to share a single database, unifying communications and information captured into one resource. Bpm’online low-code software then facilitates each feature provided from email analytics to creating custom automation for business processes.

What is no-code development?

No-code development refers to the process of creating customized applications using low-code software platforms like bpm’online studio. When you use our drag-and-drop tools to customize an existing process from our library of best business practices, you are performing no-code development.

Similarly, when you create an internal or external workflow from scratch using either custom defined objects and criteria or those from our internal library, you’re also carrying out no-code development.

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Features of bpm’online studio low-code platform

Every business needs a low-code platform, which can handle internal automation and analytics from every department. Our leading software solution empowers sales, marketing, and support, giving staff and upper management the tools that they need to succeed. Here’s a closer look at a few of the features of bpm’online studio.

Business process management with advanced metrics

Bpm’online studio allows you to automate any internal process. From making collaboration across multiple teams and high complexity simple to automating document approval and queue processing, you’re given a comprehensive toolset. Use our process modeling, monitoring, and analysis tools to pull vital information such as execution efficiency from your internal processes. Any workflow can be set up using the drag-and-drop process designer. Even unstructured processes can be automated with preconfigured elements available to drag into place for calls, tasks, emails, and even for invoking external services. Bpm’online low-code platform is perfect for boosting productivity across all channels and service departments.

Adaptable Case Management

When you use our low-code solution, you are given dynamic case management, which can handle even the most complex unstructured processes. Bpm’online studio gives you the ability to develop adaptable case management solutions that select the best path and range of activities for the most optimized outcome. Users and management of all skill levels can manage and develop cases with our intuitive case designer. Between the logical arrangement and drag-and-drop tools, case management is made manageable to any user. Our case engine delivers the ideal action-driven interface to help you stay focused on the information, which is the most important. With the in-depth real-time analytics of bpm’online studio as your low-code platform of choice, your enterprise will always be running at its best.

Basic configuration with all the essentials

The core configuration of bpm’online has everything that a business needs to effectively solve common day-to-day tasks. This spans everything from employee profile management and HR, to unifying all communications & customer data into a single window. Omnichannel communication history is available and made a part of each profile, vastly empowering all levels of staff as they interact with your clientele. You are given a toolset while lets you manage the organizational structure of your business. Accessing employee career history, minutes of meetings, and customer interactions have never been easier. This delivers supervisors superior scope and managerial capabilities without needing any additional training or resources. You and your staff can plan all tasks using process execution. Personal or group activities can be scheduled and synchronized, while system’s cross-compatibility keeps any calendar or workbook up to date.

Mobile application access

The bpm’online studio mobile applications extend all of the benefits to users on-the-go. All of the platform’s low-code features can be used on mobile devices. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone are all covered. Our low-code platform’s app serves as the perfect remote workplace tool, giving you access to a shared calendar, mobile feed, multiple dashboards, and all the analytics you could hope for. Even when you’re out of data, our mobile app still works thanks to online/offline functionality. The personalization perks of bpm’online as a low-code solution extend to the mobile app as well. You can change the way that anything is displayed, whilst making system-wide changes using business logic as well.

How our low-code platform helps you

The best way to help your management implement customized solutions to any problem or improvement within your enterprise is to give them the rich feature-set of a low-code platform. Our low-code software will allow the creativity and experience of your staff to shine by giving them the ability to visualize data in the best way possible to implement workflows suited to their style. From streamlining internal processes to helping your customers reach you better, bpm’online studio is simply the best.

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